Wow! Great variety of trails with good ups and downs and nice views of the lake. Not all parts are shaded, especially on the southern half, so bring water and a hat. Ample parking too.

Lots of people on a Saturday. Kid friendly.

love this park and the trails...all well maintained!

Great place to trail run! Beautiful scenery and wildlife.

I really enjoy this park. I'm personally glad there's a no dog policy. There are so many places people can walk dogs.

Fabulous for the beginner! the trail bars in difficulty depending on skill and impact. Great place to start.

Very beautiful trail, lots of wildlife, very fun.

Great place to hike, covered from intense heat by overhanging trees. Great view of lake once you get to the top.

Fantastic for this part of Texas! This trail really has a bunch of different environments to hike in! Ups and downs, dirt, sand, and rocky terrain. Parts of the trail are unshaded and it feels like the desert south west, then the next thing you know how deep under the cover of trees... You can even enter the lake in a few spots if you want.

Be prepared to see all sorts of animals too! I've seen white tailed deer, squirrels, cardinals, baby scorpions and Monday I saw a pretty good sized snake out by the rest area on the North loop!

The main trail is definitely the highlight. Very pretty, lots of wildlife (including birds, deer, armadillos, lizards). Great views of the lake and not too much elevation where just about everyone can enjoy the entire loop. One of the best trails in North Texas.

Amazing kept trail. No dogs allowed.

Awesome trail clean and very easy to get around. You can walk or ride your bike. A lot of great scenery.

Wish it allowed dogs!!

A trail close to home that I visit often and have hiked many times. I will return soon.

Love this beautiful trail!

Very beautiful and scenic trails! And, nice to have portable potties and water stations along the routes.

Beautiful scenic hike in DFW area. Very clean too.

Nice trail. Some steep hills to get the heart going. Great views of the lake. You can get close to the deer.

Amazing trail, my kids really enjoyed!! I only wish they had more seating throughout the trail and allowed dogs.

We loved this trail! Nice length and lots of ups and downs in elevation. Nicely gravel trail most of the way, but a ton of places to go off trail wandering. We saw half a dozen deer right off the main trail, there's also fishing and many options for side loops to make it longer. It was moderately trafficked, a lot of kids, but very clean and plenty of places to stop. We liked the big rocks to climb and look over the lake. This is one of my favorite hiking spots in DFW. Pros: moderately challenging terrain, beautiful scenery, lots of off -trail hiking, having the lake there is nice for warmer weather hikes, wildlife spotting, not much trash, and no bikes! (i hate when I almost get run over by mountain bikes! lol) Cons: moderate - heavy traffic so it's not super quiet; some of the markers are a bit confusing. Definitely recommend trekking poles if you're planning to go off trail, and watch for the slippery mud after rain. Overall, this is one of my favorite trails in DFW for all around day hiking with less experienced hikers.

Pretty awesome trail. I saw more Deers here than any other trails I have been to
Also, the section that goes along the lake shore is pretty scenic, quiet and peaceful.

Pleasant walk/hike with kids 8, 6, 4. Only the 4 yo groaned a little toward the end of this 2.9 mile trek. Not sure why this is rated as “moderate.” Saw several species of birds and even a foraging doe. Will do it again in Spring or Fall.

Not particularly well marked. Easy to run and quite enjoyable with only a couple steep bits. Not much for scenery, but a nice escape from the usual.

Amazing. Hard to believe this is in DFW. Felt like hill country.


Great hike for us to take family from Las Vegas on. We saw armadillos and deer and lots of beautiful scenery.

Really enjoyed this trail. There are a couple of places to rest along the trail on strategically placed benches. Took my 8 yr old daughter and we both loved the scenery.

I was pleasantly surprised on how few people were on this trail for such a beautiful Sunday afternoon! Clean wide pathways. Will do this trail again..

Lots of deer and other wildlife to see!

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