Lots of deer and other wildlife to see!

I've been hiking this trail for a few years and now it's becoming over run with people. it's still a nice trail.

Great trail, but be mindful of the copperheads.

Fun trail with good elevation changes. It was crowded, so if you're looking for a more solo, quiet in the woods tiype of trail, this probably isn't for you. Parts of the trail are like walking a gravel road through open fields, the lower loops next to the lake are nice and shaded. The trail is well marked and defined, if you have concerns about poison ivy, no issues here, it's safe to wear shorts. If you slow down, especially near the lake, there is a lot of wildlife to see. We saw lizards, squirrels, many deer and fawns and armadillos.

There are actually two trails....one is 2.7 miles and one is approx 5. Great trail.