Activities include camping, picnicking, boating, fishing, mountain biking, swimming, wildlife viewing, backpacking, kite flying, summer educational/interpretive programs, horseback riding (horse rental not available), astronomy, and natural and historical exhibits. A portion of the official Texas longhorn herd is maintained at the park.

mountain biking
2 years ago

5 years ago

We did a couple of short walks/hikes here while camping over a particularly warm February weekend in 2009. It was very dry and barren, at least at this time of year, and due to record drought the water in the lake had nearly dried up. There was deep mud that I almost got stuck in near the water. It was a good enough hike and gave me, my wife, our daughter and the dog some good excercise but this certainly is not a hiking or camping paradise. Still, worth a stop if you are close by. I would imagine that it is nicer when there has been rain to fill the creeks and lake and green things up a bit. There are many trails that we didn't explore that may have more potential.