Nice trail....gone really bad. Take your trash with you! There is a dumpster at the parking lot. If you can carry it can carry it out. will be much lighter and more compact.

Absolutely love this trail! It's so beautiful ❤️.

Good location for a day hike. There are many different trails ti explore.

Easy short hike. We reached the falls at .40 of a mile, took. Some neat shots and explored for another 2 miles. Shaded and well marked.

Love exploring this trail every time I go I experience something new!

It's an easy hike with a pretty view in some areas. However the smell coming from the area of unmoving water was pretty bad.

Really beautiful scenery, but gets pretty crowded pretty fast.

My expectations for the quality of Temple/Belton parks and trails is pretty low, so this trail exceeded them. It offers some nice scenic views by the dam, a decently marked trail (the informational signs are all too faded to read), lots of options for accessing the water, and falls that are actually flowing (a rarity in the Texas summer). However, there are definitely some sketchy characters that hang around the area, so I wouldn't go alone. Watch your back and bring protection. Also, the falls themselves get crowded and people aren't the most polite about sharing the space. Expect dogs to be off-leash and dog poop all over the trail (no poop bags or trash receptacles and people just aren't responsible dog owners).

love it. very relaxing and pretty views

I did like the hike do not let my stars fool you. however I expected more, the water by the fall is very shallow. However, this is great for kids approximately 2-7 years of age but much older after 10 or 15 Minutes they get bored. the water is very clear though which is a plus! there is very little room to relax by the falls all the adults kind of huddled together (although my husband and I didn't we enjoyed the shallow water and dipping out heads in the fall). In my opinion the hike was easy but only worth doing it once it was too small. but there was a cool suspension bridge we walked across but if you have bad balance we cautious. Also I saw alot of dirty diapers which was so disrespectful and made me angry. Also alot of sketchy people, not to be judgemental, that were around the falls they almost seemed homeless but I was unsure why they chose to hang around the fall. so don't go alone go with a friend and bring protection.