love it. very relaxing and pretty views

I did like the hike do not let my stars fool you. however I expected more, the water by the fall is very shallow. However, this is great for kids approximately 2-7 years of age but much older after 10 or 15 Minutes they get bored. the water is very clear though which is a plus! there is very little room to relax by the falls all the adults kind of huddled together (although my husband and I didn't we enjoyed the shallow water and dipping out heads in the fall). In my opinion the hike was easy but only worth doing it once it was too small. but there was a cool suspension bridge we walked across but if you have bad balance we cautious. Also I saw alot of dirty diapers which was so disrespectful and made me angry. Also alot of sketchy people, not to be judgemental, that were around the falls they almost seemed homeless but I was unsure why they chose to hang around the fall. so don't go alone go with a friend and bring protection.

18 days ago

My second visit, nice park and trail, well marked in places, no marks other places, but cannot get lost, trails either end and you turn back, or you turn and rejoin main trail. Not as many discarded plastic bottles compared to my first visit in March. but still too many. This is why it gets 3 stars

Still one of my favorite hikes around the area. But seriously people...take your trash and towels/clothes with you. Please don't ruin the enjoyment for others.

Nice place. The trails are confusing,but we had a wonderful time. Walked everywhere there was a trail. It was very beautiful. A lot of people out there.

The suspension bridge and waterfall are cool. The water is the most clear/beautiful color! Saw a couple gopher snakes, but still freaked me out as we were getting deeper because the trails are confusing. Honestly, felt I would get lost if I kept going and scared to run into something worse. It's interesting though, you can find areas that are completely green and then you walk over and it's like you're in the desert.

PS- I hate to say this and I've never had to say this for any other trail- but it felt like there were some creepy people lurking as well. I didn't go alone and I wouldn't go alone.