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The Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve, previously called the Dallas Nature Center, is a natural area that covers 600 acres. It is located between Mountain Creek Parkway and FM 1382, only a short drive from downtown Dallas. Here you will find native trees, plants, and grasses that provide natural habitat for native pollintors. Bird and butterfly watching are popular activities in the park, and the rare black-capped Vireo can be found here. The preserve offers 9 miles of hiking trails with many easy trails to choose from in addition to some more challenging hikes, so there is something for everyone, including those who want to get a great workout.

Nice trail with some good views. I would not rate difficult, moderate at best. If you want a more leisure hike this is for you.

Not hard at all, well kept and fun to hike or jog. It gets busy so go early :)

Nice area and hike. I am new to hiking but in good shape, and Im so mad I just discovered this place...

Heavily traveled trails. Lots of people blasting music.
Having said that, it’s nice hiking with elevation gains and losses throughout. It’s the hilliest part of the DFW metroplex.

trail running
1 month ago

This is my favorite place (so far) in NTX to trail run! So many challenging elevation changes, the air smells like cedar, it’s scenic, and I love encountering other runners on the trail. Bring real supportive trail running shoes!, even if you’re hiking, this loop is not for the faint of heart. Great bird watching & place to get your heart rate elevated.

Nice trails, but heavy traffic.

Love this place ❤️

Very nice scenery! Kids loved it!!!

One mile to the pond, one mile back! Such a fun trail! Tons of things to see! Beautiful views!

Hard, steep (had to carry bike a few times) & poisonous snake habitat.

Good trail in Dallas. Not too difficult and heavily trafficked.

mountain biking
2 months ago

excellent trails, can be very crowded. the easiest of the 3 lines is probably still a bit difficult for a first time rider. great area and scenery.

trail running
3 months ago

Awesome place, pretty crowdedon weekends.

3 months ago

This trail is very well kept and very well marked and plenty of others hiking on this day, many with their dogs. There are several incline and declines and was easy/moderate. Most of the hike is shaded which is a plus in the Dallas summer heat. Facilities at the trail head and also a butterfly garden. I highly recommend this hike.

I echo much of what has been said. My biggest concern was that many of the dogs I saw were overheated and not doing well. Too many people didn’t have enough water for themselves or their pets. Dogs don’t sweat under their fur so they can’t cool down like humans. If your taking your dog pay attention to their needs and be prepared to help cool them off.

Beautiful cedar trail with birds and vistas.

Amazing trails! Do watch out as there a significant amount of poison ivy on the fossil valley portion

Closed for maintenance. Open again Sept. 2018

3 months ago

Slightly experienced people would definitely call this an easy-moderate difficulty trail. The cedar brake trail specifically is the longest of a series of small trails in the cedar nature preserve. The loop itself is 1.9 miles with the access trail adding about 0.4 miles to the total hike. The cedar brake loop branches off to a less-than-spectacular lookout area about 3/4 of the way through. The main trails have quite a bit of traffic but it thins out farther into the cedar brake trail.

4 months ago

Nice, easy trail that is quite enjoyable.

This is definitely not a hard trail at all. High side of easy / low side of moderate at best. A good hike especially when combined with adjacent trails.

4 months ago

good trail for our location. definitely will get your heart pumping as there are a couple of decent ascents/ descents.

4 months ago

Definitely the best trail in the area! This trail has multiple trails on it that were easy to navigate and included beautiful scenery. Lots of incline that kicked my butt. We went on the weekend and there were a lot of people. The only thing I didn’t like was we almost stepped on a rattlesnake, but that’s nature for you! There were many signs warning to watch for snakes. Other than being traumatized by my encounter with the devils serpent (lol) I will definitely go back! AND IT WAS CLEAN!!! Very little trash laying around.

I'm not sure why cottontail is hard and this is moderate, but they are both great. Lots of steep elevation so wear good supportive shoes.

Tied with Cedar Brake for my favorite trail in Texas so far. Challenging trail with good elevation. If your children cannot clear 2 ft. obstacles it's probably best to skip this one.

Enjoyed the views - a nice, short hike to get away from the city.

A nice respite from the busy city life. Crowded on the weekends.

This was an excellent place to come the first day of Spring. Just beautiful to look out over all the green trees. After the initial increase the trail isn’t difficult but the kids were really struggling that first little bit.

Good hike.. enjoyed it

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