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Good 2 day backpacking trip. The trail is very well kept and maintained. The trail itself is very nice and a fun, challenging hike. The south shore is much more scenic, rugged, and remote feeling. That being said, this is not a remote trail, and there are houses visible from many parts of the trail - several with their back fences adjacent to the trail - and almost always road noise.

Great scenery and cool terrain. The falls are 2.5 miles from the trail head at Cedar Breaks. So, it is a 5 mile out and back - NOT 7.7 miles as listed.

We will definitely return!

scenic views. great hike. lots of trash and dog poo on trail though.

1 month ago

Completed the loop this weekend. What a great trail. I really enjoyed the numerous camp options available, great views, and well marked trail. The only part we got mildly confuse on was after mile 24 when you start your way up to the dam. Would love to hike it again in the fall or spring. I do t think I would attempt this full loop trail in the summer. Enjoy

Love the trails here! Very pretty and peaceful! only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because if you've never hiked these trails before they can get a little confusing as to where you should go. now if things like that don't bother you than you'll love it!

Good little afternoon or morning hike. Did it with our 6yo kiddo, little scramble in some places but not too bad.
The falls are definitely more interesting than we thought they’d be! Made for a nice payoff and a good place for a snack.

I've been on this trail twice now, and both times I had a blast! Very quiet, low traffic, and very beautiful. Took some nice pictures while I was there.

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3 months ago

Well add this as my favorite place to trail run! Easy to find trailhead. I ran out 3 and back 3 today. Easy to follow trail. Super technical- twisted foot a few times and just slowed pace down to keep up with all the rocks and tree stumps. Fun fun fun!!

Gorgeous views of the lake. Part of path alongside the lake.

I will be back soon!

trail running
4 months ago

Trail running at Lake Overlook park. Only ran about a mile north, then across the road overlooking the lake to the south. The park itself has little parking so holiday weekends might be tight. But it does have benches, small (very small) pavilions, rest rooms, and overlook points at the lake (hence "Overlook" park). Plenty of people with dogs on long or no leashes, even though the signs say dogs must be on a short leash at all times.

The north route was an actual wilderness trail, and a bit hard to find (as the park area has several smaller trails). Very rocky, lots of smallish rocks, some loose some not. There were ups and downs, and if there were a good enough rain there'd be a few small water crossings. Going this way, you definitely will not be running fast and you better keep a sharp eye out for roots and rocks that are just waiting to trip you.

Going south on the road offers, well, paved running. Once onto the road, you get a great view of the lake. Instead of turning around at the end of the road, I took a very short and steep "trail" (south/east) down to the grass. Then it went around the road, then alongside the southeast side of the rocky embankment. There is a trail there, but it's very much not in use. The tall grass overgrew the trail significantly in most spots, but the trail was always there. Eventually the trail goes down a VERY rocky and steep incline to the Booty's Road parking lot. I caught the paved trail back. On this part of the paved trail, there is a large red and white sign saying "DANGER: STEEP GRADE AHEAD" or something like that. Steep is correct. It's a rather short incline, but it is steep. Gets your legs sore and your heart pumping.

But all this running was after I ran the trails in Lake Overlook park. There are some paved trails down to the lake, but there are several dirt and rock trails all through the grass field by the lake. Some go down to the rocky lake edge, and I ran a little up and down the lake coast. It was rather fun.

trail running
5 months ago

Trail running here again. If I lived closer to Georgetown, I'd probably run here often.

Trail runners like ups and downs, hills, creek crossings, and other obstacles. This trail has no creek crossings, no big hills and not many ups and downs. But it does have a variety of terrain and terrain obstacles- dirt, leaves, and roots; loose, solid, and sharp rock; foliage creeping in on certain parts of the trail, etc. This place is mostly a good workout for your feet. The bottoms of your feet will be pretty sore after running this if you're not prepared.

One thing that would make the trail better would be a restroom along the way somewhere. There are a few benches, but no doggie bag stations (I've seen a few dogs) and no restrooms. Also the signage is good but a bit old. Still all in all, this trail is good.

As a trail runner, I still really get into the hiking aspect. I like stopping and taking in the views. This place has marvelous views. I like lakes and wide open spaces, so running here and seeing across the lake to the parks and fields on the other side is pretty cool.

great trail for trail running. lots of Sharp rocks so forced you to be on ur tires. good spots to jump in the water too cool off.

there was no waterfall and the lake level was also kinda low so the croquet falls were disappointing

Well worth the hike to the falls. Good scenery and overall trail. But seriously people....pick up your trash!

6 months ago

beautiful hike. Most of the benches at rest stops have been destroyed. A couple mile markers as well. We back packed to Sawyer Hollow for the night and the latrine is destroyed and covered up with the debris.

Awesome hike. I have heard there's a shorter hike for people that don't want to hike the 5.8miles.Its from the backside of the falls. I've hiked up behind the falls and there is a trail but I'm not sure where it goes. The normal 5.8 isn't bad. However once you get close to the falls you have to go through some pretty high grass wich we kind of ran through hoping there wasn't any snakes haha. I think instead of going through the grass you can probably stay along the fence on the falls side and go down the falls.

Nice views of the lake with hardly any challenging ups or downs. VERY rocky terrain so wear good durable shoes and watch your step. Probably not a great trail for small kids. The overlooks are beautiful but aren't fenced at all. Considerable boat noise. Moderately trafficked. We almost got to the falls today, but the last part of the trail was almost completely overgrown with really tall grass that we didn't feel comfortable wading through. Kind of unfortunate as we were really looking forward to it. Dog friendly for the most part, but no poop receptacles. The small stream was no obstacle at this time of year and was barely running. Overall, we'd probably do this trail again. It's free to hike and the people at the gate are very friendly. A map at the trail head would be helpful, as would trail markers.

A great trail for a quick hike. The diversity in terrain throughout the trail provokes caution as you tread over jagged and slick rock. Quaint streams become surprising rapids after most rains, be ready to get a little wet.

9 months ago

Very nice trail, wide, easy to navigate, good lake views, clean, not busy, enough up and down to make it moderate

9 months ago

My daughter and I had a great time today hiking. Lots of beautiful views to enjoy with a gorgeous spring and we even saw some longhorns. Great hike!

9 months ago

New favorite trail, great workout very rocky beginning. Beautiful hike with changes in terrain along the way. Both shaded and parts with full sun. Great trail for an active family and dogs too.

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