18 days ago

Three adults and a 3 year old (very slowly) completed from Juniper to Rock Creek Resort. We had planned shuttle style between Juniper and the Lake Texoma Marina trailhead. The last 2 miles (from Rock Creek Resort to the trailhead by Lake Texans Marina) looked nearly impassable so one of us hiked the final distance along the road to get the truck. The Rock Creek Resort staff said that we completed 12 miles and that very few people do the last 2 miles of the 14 mi trail and that it was poorly marked. When I took a look, I could see the first main marker but downed trees and high brush made the actual path uncertain. I'd love if someone fixed the last portion.
Also, the distances mentioned online (and even posted) seemed to conflict.

The first half was the more challenging half to complete, especially for little legs, but had lots of nice campsites if we had wanted to stop sooner. For an easier time, I would recommend starting at the Cedar Bayou Marina and hiking in to the nice nearby site- about 15 minutes. We were a little confused at the Marina (we filled up water here and used a portapotty near where the tail met the road) as to where the trail picks back up. A helpful person staying at the marina told us to turn up the road ( left towards the blue house-away from the boats and potty) and stay on that road through the Marina campground and cabins until you reach a black gate, go around the gate and the trail picks up just past two picnic tables. The second half was less well maintained, less camp sites and less markings the further you go with at least one confusing downed sign, and lots more brush, however it was much more leveled out. It was pretty challenging at times with a 3 year old, but moderate is probably a correct description for most people. Had a good time and will do it again.

really kept up. i suppose you could call it moderate but with a 30lb pack juniper point to just past the marina gave me a whoopin

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1 month ago

Who ever maintains the trail is doing great.

Great views and the elevation changes keep it interesting. Water available if you have a filtration system. Spots for primitive camping in several locations. The last time we hiked the trail we were a bit disappointed that we weren't able to go as far as we liked due to a section of the trail being impassable. We'll come back after the storm debris is cleared up. Great trail!

I went with my 16 year old daughter for a two day hike, and we loved it. The weather was great (overcast) which made it nice, and it was just hard enough to get tired, not to be overwhelmed. We did primitive camping on the lake after starting at Cedar Bayou, and finished on the peninsula near Paw Paw Creek Rd. The trail is not marked completely in every part (and in some places is over-marked) so we ended up doing a loop once that landed us back on the trail we had already hiked. It was not bad, though, and there was a lot of beauty on the way.

I have backpacked this trail many times over the years. It's great and can be somewhat difficult. It's middle of nowhere, no cell phone signal so be prepared, something happens you're miles from vehicle.

Nice hike, great out door experience, lots of ups and downs. Several camp sites for overnight camping and fishing. Great for overnight backpackers if you don't mind an out and back.

Even in July not too bad, definitely hot but bugs were definitely bare able, needs some blow down clean up from spring storms. Cool views of lake and decent breeze.

4 months ago

Nice trail. Having spent most of my hiking life on secluded trails in the Rocky Mountains, it was somewhat different to be hiking past houses and marinas. Great views and plenty of wildlife!

Hiked in 2. miles from Rock Creek today. Nice trial overgrown in places due to recent heavy rains, but the mason lids were a godsend to keep you on the trial. This side was easy with little elevation.

5 months ago