12 days ago

Absolutely loved this trail. 3 days and 2 nights hiking most of the trail. Lots of elevation change and several wilderness campsites. Water is easily accessible if you have a filtration system. I can't wait to go back!

My first solo hike, and my longest. I enjoyed hammock camping very much. There's plentiful water if you bring filtration or treatment tablets. I have blisters but that's my fault for ignoring the pebble during day 1.
Got a bit close to some boar between Stairway to Heaven and the Grate Bridge. I whistled to announce my presence through that bit. Didn't want a run in with boar / wild pigs! I'll be back again soon!

17 days ago

Would be an excellent hike if the weather was better and we were in a little bit better shape, but can't blame that on the trail. It was in good condition however the parking for the trailhead was closed so we had to park in the grass along the road and walk down to it.

23 days ago

Had a great time backpacking this trail about 4 miles in from the trailhead. It definitely has some steep portions so wear good boots. Several solid options for campsites. We stayed at one overlooking a quiet cove. Would have been perfect had it not been so cloudy.

Better than wasting time watching TV! Bring plenty of water, during the summer it gets very hot and humid and you can sweat away a lot of electrolytes.

1 month ago

Had our first backpack/overnight camp here! Wonderful place to start! Camped by the marina on a point looking at the lake! Awesome trip! Level of difficulty is moderate for sure. Lots of ups and downs! Highly recommended. We will definitely be back!

1 month ago


It was a nice easy stroll along side the river with occasional ups and downs. Nothing steep just a couple of hills here and there. Peaceful and quiet away from city noise.

Very nice trail.
Well marked and path was pretty easy to follow. It had few challenges but we enjoyed it!
We went hiking and primitive camping and really enjoyed the camp site.

Good trail close to DFW. It wasn't as well marked as I would've liked. Especially when you get to the marina. But overall, good hike that can get you away from the crowds.

3 months ago

Recently updated the tracks for this trail with last year's trail changes. Download for your use so you won't get lost, especially on the west side of Eagle's Roost. The trail comes out to be 14.53 miles in length, not what is reported on this site.

lot's of fun. Bring a water filter!!

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