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The park offers day-use and camping facilities; hiking; horseback riding; mountain biking; boating on a no-wake lake (120-surface-acres, 30' when full); fishing; lake swimming; a scenic drive; guided tours; and seasonal concessions offering horse rentals. Almost 90 miles of multi-use trails range from the very difficult in rugged terrain to trails with less than 3% grade. About 25 miles of the trails include cliffs and drop-offs, with steep climbs and descents that are recommended only for the experienced equestrian and mountain bike riders. When visiting Caprock Canyons State Park, be sure to check out the recently completed audio driving guide to the park. It's like having a tour guide on your own schedule and it's free! The audio guide is available for check-out, at the park headquarters, on tape or CD ($5 deposit).

Really difficult on the first stretch but totally worth it. The personal challenge and the views make this worth it. Bring lots of water.

7 days ago

Fairly easy. Some up and down. No shade at all unless you go into the natural bridge. Nice formations and views! Cross over a couple of small creeks. Really muddy after a good rain.

20 days ago

Not a bad hike. Hard to find the natural bridge if you're not sure where to look for the offshoot trail.

Took the South Prong following a completion of the North Prong and Hayne Ridge Trails. Loved hiking up but be prepared to do a bit of climbing in spots. Went in the heat of the day and made a lot of stops but worth it for the views.

Probably my favorite trail in the park. I went in and did the upper canyon trail and took the Haynes back - seemed like most people did reverse and had to climb up a big pile of rocks that is now a trail down. Hurt the knees a little but not terribly. Glad I had trekking poles.

Wear sunscreen - no shade! Wear lots of bug spray - horse flies are obnoxious. See bison, check out the canyon. I also added on the Mesa Trail, but can't seem to find it on here. Ran into some bison and it got a little scary being alone!

I took the South Prong to Fern Cave and back. This route is about 4 miles round-trip but strenuous. You spend much of the hike on the canyon floor then you make your way up the wall. Going up is a steep incline and you do have to scramble up rocks in a few patches. Please come prepared though! It is a challenging hike and the canyon gets hot. I saw so many people starting their hike in tennis shoes holding a single water bottle. You will not be able to make it and it would suck to have to turn back because you were unprepared.

Spent four days backpacking/camping here with a camping group. We also booked the tour for the bats at the mining area. It was very, very dry and dusty until a storm quickly rolled through. The Heavy rain washed several tents away in a matter of minutes. Mine stayed standing possibly because I used 4 steel tent stakes. Next year, I'd like to visit in the fall to enjoy longer hikes.

Beautiful and easy trail close to Honey Flats Camp area.

Very scenic trail...this is a good biking trail, enough room. Take your WATER!

2 months ago

Nice trail

Don't let North Prong fool you. Be prepared for a fairly challenging hike once you head west off the main trail to the over look, it a a pretty rocky and a little unstable in places but the view from the top is beautiful. The walk across the top is not bad at all with great views of the the green mesquite, cedars and red canyon. Once you start the decent back down the canyon things can get a little sketchy, the trail is not very well marked and some of what you think are trails actually dead end at the edge of the cliff. Once at the bottom Fern cave is a nice cool spot to take a break and enjoy the view. The rest of the trail out isn't bad at all. To sum it up, take lots of water, the canyon heat can be killer(literally),wear good shoes and watch for rattlesnakes they are fairly numerous in the park.