Terrain is way to soft for a newbie rider and there is zero markings so talk about annoying having to stop and pull your phone out ALL the time

Basic loop. Entrance is kinda hard to spot, the "parking lot" across the road is small and VERY pot-hole ridden- but hey, it's the great outdoors, so who really cares? But...the trashcans where overflowing. I bet they get emptied form time to time, but man was it sorta sad- nature trail and litter galore right at the entrance.

But as for trail running, I only give this a 3 because there are no hills, and no stream crossings, and it's very short (the lop is about a mile). For hiking I'd give it a four but for trail running, I had to run four laps to get in the mileage, and I got no hill workout.

The signage is great, no chance of getting lost. There's a bench on the mini-loop in case you need to rest. While there's some noise pollution, the scenery is very nice. But again, for trail running, this would be good for beginners, as it's so short, and has little in the way of hills and not much technical stuff. The best part of this loop: it's right next to the Bull Creek greenbelt, and just down the road form St Edwards park.

2 months ago

This is the southern part of the Valburn trail system. It features an old abandoned VW bus, lots of elevation change and some nice views over 360. I went the day after large rain storms hoping to see some water falls or water in the creek beds, but nothing. So it's pretty dry. All in all though, this is a good trail offering plenty of exercise for bikers and runners.

This is a short, trail in the Bull Creek park area. The noise from the highway is annoying but about half way into the hike, it will disappear and be replaced by the sounds of birds and waterfalls. There are two excellent waterfalls and lots of signs of wildlife.
I did see lots of evidence of wild pigs so be careful!