This is an easy trail mostly concrete with beautiful scenery. It is moderate to heavy traffic depending on the day. It is great for the family lots of bikes, runners, walkers, and naturists.

So every time I go trail running here, I find something new.

So used to there was just the concrete path with a few green benches, a few doggie bag stations, a few small bridges. But now I know of all these dirt/rock trails through the woods, closer to the creek (on the north) or for some elevation change (on the south). The trails (most of them) are marked by wooden "kiosks".

Board of the same old concrete trail? Need a better workout or more nature? Take some of the off-trail trails. It's pretty nice, especially when you get near the YMCA (on the west end of the main trail), and take the trails south. With enough searching, you'll find yourself on a path running directly above the lakes, and it's rather nice.

This is more a park for those wanting to bike or kayak or fish, but it's well-maintained and very family-friendly. Very nice area and pretty scenery.

I run this pretty regularly- I do a long trail run, then on my way home I stop here for the cool down, to get all the stiffness out. The scenery is good, the people are friendly, the path wide and maintained.


See those blue lines dashed lines to the south of the trail? That's the bike trail, "Deception". You want a major workout for your feet? You want to come home not with sore feet because you merely pounded some pavement, but because you actually have to use every muscle in your feet in order to stay balanced and run well? This trail is for you. Lots of twists and turns, ups and downs, steep rocky climb, high step ups, even some water crossings (though not much water admittedly). But man will your feet and ankles get strong and sore from the workout they'll get. I love it.

Nice city walking trail. Occasional gentle incline and decent. Great for exercise. Paved path.

Really nice trail. All gravel or concrete. But with opportunities for some off road trails I will try next time. Moderately busy with bikers, walkers and runners everyone was very friendly. Hope to go again