Nearby attractions include the Eisenhower State Park, Eisenhower Birthplace and Sam Bell Maxey House State Historic Sites. Bonham attractions include Sam Rayburn Memorial Library, named in honor of Sam Rayburn, and the Sam Rayburn Home. Rayburn was a Fannin County native who held the office of U.S. Speaker of the House the longest period thus far. Also, the Fannin County Museum; Fort English Park; and the Fannin County Courthouse are located in Bonham.

Good trail.

Easy! Was able to do all the trails in a couple hours. Not well marked! Didnt see much wildlife and on parts of the trail I could hear road traffic.

Probably great for families with kids. Lots of picnic areas and camping spots along the lake. I was looking for something a bit more challenging and remote.

Bonham State Park is a fun and easy trail. It would be the perfect location for easy camping or one to bring children along. Portions of the trails were flooded. There were hunters near by and it was a little unnerving to hear gunfire. Lots of trees- perfect for climbing. Dogs allowed on a leash. There is a neat abandoned water tower that we explored along one of the trails. The front desk staff were friendly and can tell you all about the history of the park.

2 years ago

Great all weather hiking with coyote, pig and deer sightings. Lots of birds. Cedar woods with few open spaces. The trails cross and records each other quickly enough you can get a little dizzy.

Several old CCA stone meeting areas gave some interest as well as some old farm detritus.

This is a great hike. Trails are well maintained and fun for the family. Recently, they have started to rebuild the old stone picnic tables and chimneys that are just off the trails but hidden in the woods. Would be great for a hike in & then some family time.

we really enjoyed hiking today, the weather was great, we hiked almost all the trails, definitely going back soon, will recommend to friends and family

This is one of my favorite trails. Get an early start to see all the wildlife this park has to offer. Deer, beaver, and rabbits are just a few of what we saw. well shaded trails.

Most of the trail is in a wooded area covered by trees. It was about 90 degree temperature when we hiked and this kept things cool. We heard birds chirping and at times the trail hugged the lake for a view of the water. There were a total of 8 bikers and we hiked 6.25 miles. We never passed a biker, we only saw them in a distance. It says that there is a total of 8 miles and somewhere else I read it says that there is 11 miles. The trails criscrossed maybe because they are trying to squeeze every mile of the land available making it confusing at times. I don't see 11 miles. I see more like 8. It was an easy hike nothing hard at all. Must check in and pay a fee for parking.