I am Dara. My dad and mom took me to walk the nature trails of Armand Bayou in Pasadena, TX. If you love nature walks, then Armand Bayou trails are for you. All types of birds and wildlife can be seen including alligators. I had so much fun!!!

Nice clean park.

mountain biking
7 months ago

Great ride. Has a bit of everything. It also breaks off to separate trails that really test your skills. Great scenery. Overall it is a great ride especially with friends.

Great trail for runners, cyclists, roller blading & just strolling... Feels like you are no longer in the city especially with sightings of deer & rabbits etc...

It's a long, paved trail without a lot of road crossings. Good for walking, rollerblading, biking with mt or road tires. It's not super exciting, but it's a nice path, especially for being close by in the city.