This was a beautiful trail with many sights to see along the path. Pretty flowers and water views. We took a wrong turn on way back and had to rock climb out of there.

Pretty trail but the river is dried. Would suggest when there is more water

Pretty but river is dry . No water. Weather is super hot

Don't forget where you came in from! Really nice trail but the river is all dried up. Some narrow parts some rocky some flat trails

So this time I went in the morning, plenty of parking on the main road at the north end. Running was good. Temperature was good, only one other guy at first on the whole trail, saw him a few times.

Somewhere along the trail, I took a left instead of right/straight, without realizing it. It was a good hill climb, and I ended up at the loop 360 access. On the map here, the trails at the 360 access show a sharp turn, then up the access road. I guess I took some other trail offshoot a little further down the trail, and like I said it was a good hill climb.

After discovering I locked my keys in my car, I decided- while waiting for my wife to come get me- to go down the hill of life and take an eastward turn to the dam. Less trees, more open, you can see the cliff face by the creek that way. The trail I was on was smooth single track, but I only went for a little ways- had to get back to my car before my wife did :P I'm definitely gonna explore this more when I have the time.

25 days ago

Nice trail (when there is water!) great for all skill levels. Heavily trafficked on weekends.

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1 month ago

I've been running and hiking "The Greenbelt," as well as climbing the surrounding sport routes, for over 15 years. At times, you can be alone in paradise, and at other times, you can be one of oh so many getting smacked by the sun and the humidity and the blood-thirsty mosquitoes. I only add this because if you go and aren't impressed, give the trail another chance; drop in at a different trail head; start at a different time of the day. For being in the center of the city, the GB is pretty dang good.