9 days ago

We hiked from Zilker trailhead (Barton Spring Pool) to 290 trailhead (by Specs) in a little over 3 hours. Trail markings were not often enough and we ended up far off the main trail more than once and had to backtrack and thus logged 6.5+ miles instead of 6. The unofficial trails are just as wide as the real trail, so we needed GPS to find our way back and also to stay on target. It was not as difficult or steep as we expected (for hiking). I would rate it "moderate".
Very shady, so is appropriate even on a hot day. All of the water crossings were bone dry today, so no wet shoes for us! We used RideAustin to catch a ride back to our car for $11 plus tip and were highly satisfied with that service.

Mostly rocky trail, should be a moderate skill trail. 3 or 4 low water crossing.Overall great,quick trail w nice scenery.

19 days ago

Loved it. Not crowded on a Tuesday mid-morning to early afternoon. Lots of shade except on and near the Hill of Life. Did not see any bikers at all this time. Very peaceful and beautiful. We made a wrong turn heading back to the parking strip, so pay attention or else you end up with a 7.2 mile hike instead.

24 days ago