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This was a moderately challenging hike, nice elevation and scenery changes.
Just a few things— the loop was closer to 6 miles (not 5.3 as it’s listed).
The route is not intuitive, you must rely on the map to find your way. Even with the constant use of the map, I still got a bit lost at times.

10 days ago

Parking on a Sunday was more of a challenge than the actual hike! It’s next to Barton Springs city pool. Place was jam packed at the pool and their were a lot of people on the trail. The trail leads to mountain climbing areas, small water holes, small observation cliffs. There was a really nice place where a couple found a random lone tree in a pebbled creek and we’re having a picnic. The biggest issues are the bikers on the trail. I passed about 11 of them and only one warned me that they were behind me. The rest were zipping by liked they owned the place. No heads up, no head count if they were in a pack, and going too fast on lose gravel.

1 month ago

Fantastic trail. Great for a long backpacking training hike.

Great hike trail went on Mother’s Day

Love to hike on weekends and on climb some bluffs here. It has some pretty nice views and fun sights! Bring bug spray, camera, and sun screen. There are also lots of animals out there!

fun trail for the family, well marked and cool sights

I went on a Tuesday morning and it was mildly crowded, but still lovely. There are many areas where the trail splits with no trail markers, however these all lead back to the same trail for the most part. The falls are small, though beautiful, and make a great little swimming hole.

Mild hike, rocky at parts, had to cross in the creek twice. Hill of life was a great end to the trail! Mostly shaded woods, so bring bug spray. Still Texas, so bring sunscreen too!

Great little hiding spot amongst the city. We drove by all the time and on the weekends it’s packed. We went during the week and there was a good amount of people still. There’s plenty of room to be in the water without others bothering you. We brought our dog and she loved it. The trail can be a little rough in some spot with slick rocks.

This is a great hiking trail that is scenic and not very difficult! We started near highway 290 and parked in the Specs parking lot at 4970 US-290. The entrance wasn’t too far from there. If you hiked the complete trail it’s about five miles and would take you to the Barton Springs pool.

Nice trail.

But since it was a holiday weekend, it was pretty busy.

Two things:

What’s the point of picking up after your dog with a baggie if you’re just going to leave it on the trail?

If you’re looking for solitude, be ready for people sitting on the rocks by the falls with music playing from a speaker.

Other than that, great trail and a fun day.

great hike. Little rough for the kiddos on the way back up..lol. but the water at the bottom made it worth it. great family day in the sun

Great running trail.

Great hiking in Austin!!

Great hike, then a quick dip in the falls! When there’s water.

3 months ago

I like bits of this trail. There are some pretty areas. It runs very near some private homes but I didn't find that terribly bothersome. It has a few established rock climbing walls and even nicer for the general public several swimming holes.

The trail is longer than a mile now. It does follow the Barton Creek Greenbelt trail for much of the time.

Worth at least a visit or two.

Gorgeous place. Love swimming here when there is water. Trail can get a bit yucky after rain.

I love that this trail has two falls on it. It isn't too up and down but it's rocky. Even though the rest of the creek was dry Sculpture Falls had water. Twin Falls looked like a fun place to boulder as it was dry. I didn't have time to try it, but I'll definitely go back.

Dogs are supposed to be on leash but almost no one follows that rule. Even when the APD has officers making people put their dogs back on leash they just let them off once the officers were gone.

So much space to explore! With so many access points and side trails, you can really tailor your Greenbelt experience to exactly what you're looking for.

Very fun, love sticking my feet in the water as the freezing current flows over my feet. The best time was when we accidentally discovered a goat trail and hiked through the rugged terrain. It also has long fun hikes with stunning views.

I love this hike so much! you can go as far as you want & it’s the beautiful the whole way. & it’s very pet friendly!

Great trail in the city!

Made this hike with my 3 year old in June 2017. Lots of young people. Lots of alcohol. Fortunately not overrun with garbage but we picked up a fair amount of bits off the ground. You can stop at more secluded areas off the trail to get in the water. Nice way to spend an afternoon in Austin

Mostly open trail for running, some area where you have to concentrate on foot placement. Entirely shaded, and minimally occupied. A great place for a leisurely and enjoyable trail run.

Great trails that are nice and quite during the week.

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