Love doing this hike solo or with my kids. If you go top to bottom twice, you are covering approx 1 mile elevation in 1 mile distance. You can add distance by hitting the trail.
Love it when the water is flowing!

4 stars for nature, 2 for humanity.

This trail is lovely but it is hard to get past the poop bags and sonic cups and punk 17 years olds with techno music.

Might be better on a week day?

Also don't trust the starting point on this. You have to exit early and go along the frontage road in order to access.

Awesome trail with great views. Heavily populated with everyone from walkers, runners, hikers, bikers, and rock climbers! We even witnessed a wedding ceremony while on the trail last weekend. Did 3.5 miles in and back out. Went off the main trail to get on the other side of the creek for the hike in and then took the main trail back out. Had a great time and met a lot of great people.

1 month ago

It wasn't a difficult hike and we especially enjoyed the walk along the river up to the twin falls. We parked in the parking lot of the Specs Liquor store near 290 and Brodie and walked a short distance on the sidewalk against the traffic to access the trail. It was a little tricky making sure we took the right trail to get to the very small falls. We had to ask some people along the way to make sure we took the left turn that crossed the dried riverbed to get there.

Great hike! The hill of life is challenging in the way back up. Good resting spots on the water.

'Twas a blast with your friends and family members. The only thing is that the world is not sufficient.

It's alright.