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Gorgeous place. Love swimming here when there is water. Trail can get a bit yucky after rain.

I love that this trail has two falls on it. It isn't too up and down but it's rocky. Even though the rest of the creek was dry Sculpture Falls had water. Twin Falls looked like a fun place to boulder as it was dry. I didn't have time to try it, but I'll definitely go back.

Dogs are supposed to be on leash but almost no one follows that rule. Even when the APD has officers making people put their dogs back on leash they just let them off once the officers were gone.

So much space to explore! With so many access points and side trails, you can really tailor your Greenbelt experience to exactly what you're looking for.

Very fun, love sticking my feet in the water as the freezing current flows over my feet. The best time was when we accidentally discovered a goat trail and hiked through the rugged terrain. It also has long fun hikes with stunning views.

I love this hike so much! you can go as far as you want & it’s the beautiful the whole way. & it’s very pet friendly!

Great trail in the city!

Made this hike with my 3 year old in June 2017. Lots of young people. Lots of alcohol. Fortunately not overrun with garbage but we picked up a fair amount of bits off the ground. You can stop at more secluded areas off the trail to get in the water. Nice way to spend an afternoon in Austin

Mostly open trail for running, some area where you have to concentrate on foot placement. Entirely shaded, and minimally occupied. A great place for a leisurely and enjoyable trail run.

Great trails that are nice and quite during the week.

Nice peak at the turnaround. Great workout. Nice views and mixture along the route.

Beautiful as always, but I haven't been in 2 years, so I didn't realize the creek was dried up. We still had a blast though!

I've hiked this trail so many times over the last decade. Lots of great nature, and swimming when there's rain. Quite a few trail heads so you can kind of pick and choose your experience each time. The downside is the popularity. It's occasionally PACKED with people. In the summers some of the swimming spots occasionally get trashed by college kids. Good for getting some nature, but not a place to search for solitude.

trail running
4 months ago

I ran from Zilker Park to the Gus Fruh trailhead. Every trail i run, I seem to want to come on here and say, "This is the most rocky and rooty trail!" Well, I might've actually found it. While the Hill of Life at the west end of the greenbelt is definitely the most rocky part, this section definitely forces trailrunners to step carefully. Besides the very beginning, I hardly had a flat surface to run on. I was constantly "prancing" and "tip toeing" through and on top of rocks, loose and solid, ranging in size from golf balls to grape fruits and larger. You need some trail running practice for high stepping, careful stepping, etc? This is definitely your trail.

And if you get tired and wanna take a break from running, just cool your feet in the creek.

trail running
4 months ago

This is the Western trailhead to the Barton Creek Greenbelt, and I dare say, besides possibly the falls (Scultpure falls, Twin falls), this is the most popular spot of the greenbelt. Easy parking on Scottish Woods Trail, and the trailhead on Camp Craft road is very easy to spot. But then the "easy" ends.

This is a workout spot. A challenge spot. Though the few times I've been there, I've not seen anyone on bikes (I recall a kid on a bike, actually), I've read and heard that this place is very popular for working on your mountain biking skills. Lots of trail, runners and hikers do repeats on this hill.

Starting off, the hill rapidly looses elevation. And it continues, for about a half mile. And it is rocky. r-o-c-k-y ROCKY! Crushed rocks ranging from the size of grapes to watermelons. And there are, well, not ledges, that implies cliffs- but there are lots of spots on the hill where asphalt has been laid down, I guess to slow erosion, but due to erosion the asphalt now has turned into two to three foot drops. Warning: ankle twisting, knee skinning, tumbling head over hills is inevitable if you try and run down too quickly. And oh, did I mention there's almost zero shade? It's a very wide trail, but you could try and do the entire trail right by the treeline and get some shade.

But when you get about two thirds or so the way down, the rocks do start to get thinner, the terrain gets smoother, and finally you get to the bottom. But now comes the fun part: you have to go back up. The first time you'll swear it never ends. A half mile's not that long, but a half mile of steep tumbling rocks and two to three foot step ups and, again, almost no shade... it's a beast! This is why it's so popular.

Don't let my review scare you. Lots of people hike this a day, they just get tired in the process. Last time I ran this, I made it to the top only stopping to take a brief walk twice. Then I found out I had locked my keys in my car, and had to wait 45 minutes until my wife got there. To pass the time, I walked back down and up again. It wasn't too bad, you'll enjoy it.

great trail, especially for beginners and taking your dog. not to crouded. nice and Shadded!

Multiple waterfalls (small, but beautiful). Plan ahead and pack something to get wet in, if weather permits.

The part of the trail I hiked yesterday is fairly similar to the rest of the greenbelt, but the pathway leading to and from it is very challenging. The Hill of Life, as it's called, is for experienced hikers because it's steep and winding. Overall, the area near Sculpture Falls is the best part of the trek.

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