Went with my husband and daughter. Our 2 year old loved the playground, which was conveniently located right across from the restrooms. So grateful to have found this place on a hot summer day. There are a lot of non-paved trails that are great for biking and running but the main trail was paved and stroller/wheelchair friendly. This place kept us in a comfortable and welcomed mood. We usually don’t stay at parks for more than an hour since our daughter gets fussy easily and the heat usually kind of chases us away. Luckily, with all the cool shade from all the beautiful trees and the calm streams, we were comfortable enough to walk around for about an hour and a half. It was peaceful and I think it even makes people a lot more friendly.

Come here with the pups at least 3-4 times a week, before getting there they are already crying with excitement... needless to say they love it!

Too many people on the concrete trails walking if the off road bike trails are closed!

Loved it!

Varied landscape through the park and a choice of concrete trail when it's just rained or dirt paths when the weather is good. You don't really have to know where you're going when you go down the natural trails as you will eventually find your way to the big concrete trail.

This is super easy and not moderate at all! Love it!

Good for your first hike. Mostly concrete trail though part of trail is dirt path. The dirt path becomes muddy when it rains on the day before

Busy on weekends, but great during the week

Love it! My dog loves the trails.

perfect to take a long walk with the dogs and "get lost".

Was really nice. First one we’ve done. Pulled in and parking lot was full, so we were worried. But, found space to ourselves. Nice to have option of dirt trails and paved. Spent 2.5 hours there finding plenty to do.

Considering Texas is ridiculously flat this was pretty good! My dog loved it!

Nice walk. I'd say this is more of an easy than a moderate, though.

FIRST time here and walked the outer loop trail and back. it wad very windy the day we went sio the trees helped break that up but was still enough breeze to be comfortable.

walking, biking, and hiking.. family friendly.

mountain biking
9 months ago

Nice short trail, with a lottle loose dirt-sand at the end that make you add some swear to finish it.

I went at 8am on a Sunday. Lots of walkers but few bikers. The trail was intermediate in difficulty. I am a newb, I found it a bit challenging. But exhilarating.

Very nice scenery, but too many people.

This nature preserve was very enjoyable. We started out on one of the unpaved paths, and made our way through the various trails - mockingbird alley, sparrow way, pond trail, etc. These trails were well maintained, and there was lots of wildlife especially birds present. As we started on the paved path, we saw a deer about 20 yards away. On a hot day make sure to bring plenty of water as it can get pretty tiresome on the paved trail under the sun without shade. Beautiful preserve...will definitely visit again! My only complaint would be that the unpaved trail (inner) wasn't as vast, maybe a mile or so all around. It was much nicer than the outer unpaved trail which was just an open field trail which was not as scenic as the inner trail! At least Arbor Hills has both styles. The observation tower is neat and provides a cool area overseeing the tops of trees and houses. Great for beginners looking to experience a bit of nature.

In no way would I call this moderate. This is a wooden walking trail that gives north Texas a little slice of nature. Nice place to talk your dog for a longer walk, nice shade.

Wouldn't really call it a moderate hike. There are lots of photographers in the morning and evenings. It has nice views, good shade. Good destination for a short nature walk.

Lots of options (paved/not paved), but can be crowded.

Love it.. at night, the fireflies join me on my run! ❤️

Lots of side trails that would be nice to have on the app!

Our first hike of the summer was fabulous!! A lot to look at with shade from the trees!!

Pretty nice trails for walking dogs and getting a little bit of off road walking in. They aren't terribly long trails but you can loop them a few times. It does get fairly busy at times. It's always clean.

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