Warriors' Path State Park was named for the park's proximity to the ancient war and trading path used by the Cherokee. Since that time, the park land has known a long history of travelers, and is still a pathway for modern-day outdoor enthusiasts. The 950-acre area was acquired from the Tennessee Valley Authority is 1952, to serve the people who live in or visit this section of Northeast Tennessee. It is situated on the shores of TVA's Patrick Henry Reservoir on the Holston River.

mountain biking
8 days ago

Awesome trail, a little tough for beginners but very doable! We will definitely do it again

Great trail good workout heart pumping uphill

Super cool trail! It was a little more uphill than I anticipated, but it was a fun family hike on Christmas! The mini waterfall and bridge were worth the hike!

This is a challenging trail. It has a very steep and rocky climb. The trail is well marked and has nice views, including a peak overlook.

This is a very pretty trail. Pretty steep, but dog and kid friendly.

I do this hike about once a week because it’s a pretty good work out. It’s not the prettiest hike around but I will say that I see deer every single time I go. The creek is nice, and you can hop onto Fall Creek Loop to add a little extra mileage. If you are looking for more of a work out, do the loop backwards (take the bridge to the left instead of the trail marker to the right) so that you are going uphill instead of down.

First time there and due to time restraints i just picked a trail and rode it. I rode boneyard. Alot of rocks and roots which is fine with me. There were some technical areas i struggled with due to clip in pedals. If i would have rode on flat pedals it would have been alot easier and my confident level would have been greatly increased. I enjoyed the trail and the next time Im in the area i will have flat pedals and hit it with alot more aggression. Good ride

4 months ago

Lil elevation change but a good trip with my new girlfriend and her child probably my 4th time here!

mountain biking
4 months ago

It’s a good trail lots of down hill but also lots of up. It’s not quite as easy as it’s made out to be for a beginner rating but fun an exciting none the less.

we wanted to do Darwin's revenge. this was no an easy trail. we ended up on the other side of 81. luckily we had service and we sent our location per GPS to the park rangers. we finally got out about 1230am. awesome rescue by the five rangers.

My absolute favorite trail to hike! Where do I even start. Well it's quite, other than the sounds of nature and mini waterfalls. The rushing water of the creek makes this hike very pretty. There are several different ways you can take, lots of cool things to discover in those woods. It is kid and animal friendly but I do suggest keeping your dogs on a leash.

5 months ago

sinking waters is a moderately easy hike. there's shade along the trail, with very little uphill walks. I would consider it kid friendly for sure.

lots of uphill walking, very peaceful and relaxing though.

This is our first trail hiking experience through this app. As other reviewers have said this is definitely moderate to strenuous, and I wouldn't consider it kid friendly for those who have smaller kids. We took two Great Danes on the trail and they were great. You should pack some extra water for yourself and the dogs. There are some lovely stopping points to rest and view the water, lots of rocks and roots, a lot of uphill climbing(the overlook is totally worth it).

6 months ago

Very steep in some places and the overlook was okay but not worth all the uphill. The river is nice and I enjoyed the bridge across a stream.

trail running
6 months ago

This was a great find this morning as I was traveling through looking to get some exercise before hitting the road again. A single track trail through lovely woods along the river.

This trail was definitely not easy! I would rate it at moderate to difficult. It was a good cardio workout! A lot of uphill climbing and traversing rocks. Has beautiful lookouts along the way and nice creek at the end.

I live along this trail (that's our vineyard), so it gets a 5 for convenience. You can make it easy by staying on lower half of loops, or go high for climbs. Markings could be better. Its a fairly recent acquisition, so new growth still in some areas. Just past the boardwalk is golf course and riding stables. We often extend hike through there to Devil's Backbone trail and Fall Creek Loop trail. For that trip, plan for 3-4 hours. Done alone, this trails takes an hour for all 3 loops at 3 mph.

Good hike. This trail is moderate to strenuous, not easy. There are a lot of rocks and roots, more so than most trails. The trail has quite a bit of up hill climbing so be prepared to get cardio in! We took Kids (11,11,9) and the dog and it went well. There isn’t good water access for the dog (maybe a couple of places) so you may want to pack a water bowl in if your planning on bringing a pet.

I would not rate this trail easy. I hike 2-3 days a week and found this trail to be pretty tough from a cardio standpoint. The climb in and out I would rate moderate to strenuous. Great views of lake and a small waterfall.

10 months ago

I did this hike in Autumn and was not very impressed. The views were not very good and at the time no water was found anywhere. Much better trails in the area. But if you are looking for something different then it’s a decent hike.

mountain biking
10 months ago

So this trail is better for Mountain Biking than hiking. Although still one of the best choices if you are going to hike second to Magic Carpet Ride for the view from the top. Rock City has a small waterfall on it also.

I like it

Saturday, January 06, 2018

This is still one of my favorite hikes due to the swimming hole being your reward after the hike and being able to cool off. The trail would be a step up for beginners and dogs are allowed on a leash. Great fun for family. I'd bring stuff for a picnic, I can never just make it to the swimming hole/ bathtub and leave. There is a parking lot but every time I've gone it's been packed and I've had to park along the side of the road leading up to it.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Different trail options based on skill level.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

depends on if your hiking or biking. As a hike i would rate it a 1. its all flat so its makes a great walk for a begginer and you do hrt to see the beautiful lake but the reason for a low rating is because it is right beside the highway and you can hear it very well and also you can hear the airport, planes leaving. the trail is small, just big enough for a bike. If you are goung biking then this is a great trail

Friday, October 06, 2017

Nice trails with some easy to moderate climbs, and fairly non technical. Good bit of interstate noise but otherwise pleasant. Also, lots of deer.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

the trail was nice up until a certain point. definitely gets closer to moderate than easy. trail is not marked well, got turned around a few times. definitely NOT a loop! it's a there and back. end of the trail gets tricky and spits you onto the golf course, so be careful, then you turn around and do it again.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Not a lot to it but ok

Friday, July 07, 2017

It's a nice trail. The decline isn't noticed on the first portion so the incline creeps up on you on the way back. There could be better markings on the trail, there are so many forks that you could get lost very easily, even with a map. The history told about in the signs is interesting.

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