5 days ago

The falls and caves were absolutely beautiful! Most of the water at the beginning was dried up but the 2 big falls were very pretty. I would recommend hiking to virgin falls, camping there, and hiking back the next day. It was a little too strenuous for a one day trip.

Took the wrong trail head...got lost and had to take an atv trail back to the main road. ran into wild hogs, somehow avoided getting attacked. Strange experience...

The last part of the trail on the way back is hump busting, but it is worth every step. The water falls are beautiful (especially Big Laurel and Virgin Falls) and the wading pools are filled with crystal clear water. It may be one of the most strenuous trails I have hiked, but it is certainly one of the most beautiful!

Truly an amazing hike! God's grandeur is seen in every step! Big Laurel Falls is awesome- be sure to check out the cave the falls comes over. We played with the idea of turning back after that falls because, "how could it get better?" But Virgin falls is truly the jewel in this crown! Such a beautiful waterfall with incredible and majestic force!
The way back out is definitely more challenging but just be sure to give yourself plenty of time on this hike to check everything out!

tough trail.

Left around 9:30 am & finished the trail around 2 pm. Gorgeous waterfalls and caves. Listen to all of these comments- the climb out and back really is tough- but you'll be happy you did it.

27 days ago

I have hiked this trail in several different trips, including a loop trail that started in Virgin Falls. Sections of this trail are better marked and maintained than others. A recurring theme on all the trails in this area is that the person that placed the blazes (round metal placards) nailed them to trees facing the trail, and only one. This means you have to walk up the tree with the blaze and look to your side, if you happen to miss it, good luck. Due to this area being used for hunting (not complaining) from roughly October to April it does not get a lot of use during the most popular hiking times so the trails become less visible. Middle Tennessee from late May to Late September is brutally hot and humid. However, the campsites along the trail are typically loaded with firewood due to the low usage.

Just did a two day hike, and camped at Virgin Falls. Great place for whole family to spend a weekend exploring waterfalls and caves

1 month ago