Tims Ford State Park, located on the Tims Ford Reservoir in the rolling hills of southern middle Tennessee, is an outstanding recreational area and fishing paradise. Long before the construction of Tims Ford Dam on the headwaters of the Elk River, the area was used extensively by the Indians as a hunting and fishing territory. Archaeological excavations uncovered numerous artifacts and occupational sites, indicating that man had occupied the area as much as 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. The 10,700-acre Tims Ford Lake is one of the most picturesque in Tennessee and is regarded as one of the top bass fishing and recreational lakes in the Southeast.

Pretty cool area

Great trail after hiking the marble plain trail!

Great hike or walk lol Never disappointed when going on this trail.

Very nice hike with beautiful lake views, suspension bridges and enough up and down ravines for a workout. Missed one sharp turn on the trail and we weren't the only ones. If you miss the turn you will be on pavement. Backtrack a short distance and pick up the trail going right down a ravine. We combined this with the Marble trail for a very nice hike just under 4 miles total.

Easy hiking, fishing was slow, but many trees to set up a hammock and just relax:)

I liked the views of the lake. Wished it didn't get dark on me. Would like a shortcut trail along the way, bc once you commit to the long trail, that's it. Great job marking all the trails with pink ribbon, yellow hiking and orange arrow signs.
Thank you Winchester, Tn.

It's great for a family outing. I enjoyed this trail and seen a doe just off the trail. It's hardtop. It leads to the Ray branch trail. So get out there and enjoy it.
Thank you Winchester, Tn.

Trails were nice but not well marked. I got lost quiet a few times and I'm an advanced hiker.