20 days ago

First....directions. Take the address listed here but hang a left on to the road before the park toll booth. If you go past the toll booth you've gone too far. The road to the left will take you down across from the Dam.

The paths are well maintained. A bit muddy right now due to rain but over all not bad. there are a lot of side small paths that just lead back again. Stick to the main ones.

Short trail. Flat with no inclines at all. A couple of wooden paths / bridges over seampy water. I would imagine the water will dry up. and in another few weeks it will be mosquito breeding ground for sure !

A decent short path if you're looking for something easy and quick. Plus you can check out the Dam.

One person mentioned not feeling safe. There about half a dozen cars there while I walked through. Didnt see anyone till I was leaving. Just hike smart is all. ;)