As 1862 drew to a close, President Abraham Lincoln was desperate for a military victory. His armies were stalled, and the terrible defeat at Fredericksburg spread a pall of defeat across the nation. There was also the Emancipation Proclamation to consider. The nation needed a victory to bolster morale and support the proclamation when it went into effect on January 1, 1863. The Confederate Army of Tennessee was camped in Murfreesboro, Tennessee only 30 miles away from General William S. Rosecrans

Nice and easy stroll.

Nice stroll with mixed gravel and wood chip paths. Wonderful National Park visitor's center and plenty to see and learn. Easy and perfect for kids.

My kids and I love wondering off on the side trails etc.... on this loop it's always a great time

we completed approximately 2.5 miles of trails--started from the parking lot near the visitor center at the picnic tables-stayed to the left and made a loop-including part of the cotton field trail and perimeter trail--well maintained trails but horrible lack of signage (get a black and white map of trails from the visitor center for help)

The hiking trail is only about 1.2 miles. Their map shows a trail that would have completed the approx. 2.3+ mile hiking loop but it has not been maintained and is closed. Had to walk on asphalt back to the visitor center - very disappointing. The history of the land relative to the Civil War was very interesting and the interpretation signage, etc. is well done.