Standing Stone State Park covers nearly 11,000 acres on the Cumberland Plateau of north-central Tennessee. The quaint and rustic park is noted for its outstanding scenery, spring wildflowers, fossils and other natural diversity. The park is located in Overton County within a triangle formed by highways connecting Livingston, Gainesboro and Celina, Tennessee. In the 1930's, Standing Stone was an area plagued with soil erosion and sub-marginal lands. With the assistance of the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Work Projects Administration, the Resettlement Administration and U.S. Forest Service, the area was made productive again. The project was threefold: to relocate area farmers on better land, to stop soil erosion and reforest the area and to develop opportunities for open space or outdoor recreation. The park takes its name from the Standing Stone, an eight-foot tall rock standing upright on a sandstone ledge, which was supposedly used as a boundary line between two separate Indian nations. When the rock fell, the Indians placed a portion of it upon an improvised monument to preserve it. The stone is still preserved in Monterey, Tennessee.

Ok, so the views of the lake and scenery are spectacular. Five stars ( for TN ).


When the other reviewers said it was narrow in a few spots...Allow me to translate....

There will be many times for significant distances that the trail is less than one foot wide...and a serious drop if you slip (few feet to 100ft or more). On more than one occasion the path is more narrow (6” or less) and tilted toward the drop off. On two occasions the trail led off into the lake.

I had to rely on my AllTrails map and gps signal to get back on the trail——frequently. It may be the worst marked trail I have been on.

Stayed in one of the cabins with a group of friends (non-hikers) over the rainy, New Years holiday. I attempted to hike around the lake, but gave up after 1/4 mile due to the trail being washed out. Will try again in the spring.

Went on a chilly December day. Very quiet, very peaceful. Starting counterclockwise from the bottom of the dam will let you know how out of shape you are right away. Was hard to find trail at times, but the ground was covered in leaves. A good time was had.

This is a good moderate trail, with the most difficulty coming from slick footing along the narrow trail instead of steep grades etc.

Here are my tips for this trail: park below the dam and take the swinging bridge. This is probably the most picturesque spot though many others follow. Go across the bridge and take the trail that way, going counterclockwise around the lake from the parking lot. The trail is steep at first but will make the rest of the hike much more enjoyable once you top out. There are several small bridges along this trail. Bring water, watch your footing. Best done in the late fall, winter or early spring because the trails are so narrow.

Some parts of the trail were not marked very well and some parts were eroded away.

Very narrow trail and poor markings at spots.

Nice trail with some easy access to the lake. I will agree with young kids (7 and under) it can get a bit hairy as the trail narrows to 18 inches in spots. If you find a green sneaker there on the north side of the loop, know it's ours. Watch your step as the path is overgrown in places as of mid-June.

I had a 2yo on my back and a 4yo in front of me. The 4yo is none too graceful and he kept sliding off the trail because it was so narrow. It is a beautiful park but I’ll wait until the kids are older to go back on the trail.

This is a beautiful trail just NARROW!!! Going around the lake loop is hard to find the entrance BUT so worth finding!!! We started at the boat rental area but would probably start elsewhere another time!! Definitely worth doing again!!!!

This trail is odd - some places the trail is narrow - other places you are on the road - some parts are fairly steep too -- and better have your alltrails map - it is very poorly marked -- however, the scenery is great and the lake is beautiful. We mapped it at 4.72 mi. Would def do it again. Dogs are fine on this one - many opportunities to get in the water.

It was a great trail and a great way to spend the day.

Considering there aren't many places to go on a nice, moderate hike in the area of Macon/Clay counties, this is a great place to be with nature and to enjoy a peaceful hike.

I liked it, but I recorded 6.1 miles not 4.6

Nice trail. View of the lake is awesome

Friday, September 01, 2017

Nice trail. Watch for snakes.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Love this place, absolutely gorgeous in the fall.

2 days ago

Friday, November 24, 2017

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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