Took my dog with me as I hiked this trail and I really enjoyed it! It's really not hard at all and there aren't many hills.
The view was nice (except as someone already pointed out, there were power lines that somewhat blocked it). However, even driving up to the trail head there are places you can stop and park and enjoy the view without having to go on the trial. I'm definitely going to go hiking here again!

Did not really go anywhere

Quaint trail mainly packed earth/dirt terrain with slight elevation gains, my dog loved it. Slight deliverance/murder mystery vibe at times but had no problems, actually did not see a single person on the trail. While it does not offer particular good views if looking for a secluded nature trail close to the city would recommend.

This was a good trail, I will do it again for the challenge/fitness of it. However, the level was not marked correctly. Alltrails reflects this as EASY trail; this was definitely not easy, moderate to say the least. It was challenging, which I liked, but I was expecting EASY. I feel Alltrails should change to moderate. Additionally, we came upon bikers on the "non bikers only" path. No big deal, but another detail that should be mentioned about the trail. It is a very narrow trail, cannot walk side by side, so when a biker comes, it was a lil unnerving.

It was a good trail. My 8 year old son was able to do it. There are a couple of places where the view is good. The trials are in good shape. We hiked the upper and middle trails

trail running
3 months ago

Enjoyed the walk. Went with my husband and son. Nice views of Knoxville. A few more inclines than expected, but was worth doing.

6 months ago

The view of Knoxville is good except for the heavy cables and wires. I didn't feel safe on this trail. Afterward I found out it's referred to as 'pickle park'. While, it's supposed to be better maintained and patrolled than in the past, I have to say that I wouldn't return to this trail, especially by myself.

The trail was great. I enjoyed every bit of it, EXCEPT for the 2 times that I had to pass someone with a dog, NOT ON A LEASH. The city website rules on this park, #2 dogs must be on a leash and #3 respect other trail users. Both not adhered to. If you have a dog you need to realize 2 things, not everyone is comfortable around dogs and not everyone likes dogs. I don't really dislike dogs but they scare the shit out of me, SO, I am not going to be comfortable around your dog, coming up on a trail. So how about giving other users some courtesy and respect and put your dog on a leash. Especially when I look at you and tell you that I am terrified of dogs, don't just let your dog, not on a leash, keep walking towards me and just say, oh. I have been attacked by dogs before AND by an owner who said his dog was a big baby and is just playing, mean while I am being mauled by the bastard. Come on people, your dog acts totally different for you than it does other people and I don't give a crap WHAT you say, I don't see your big dog as a big baby, I see it as that damn dog who had me on the ground when I was a kid ripping into my skin and the owner laughing, saying he is just playing, meanwhile my clothes are ripped and I am bloody.

I appreciate the guy that didn't have his dog on a leash but grabbed the dogs collar and came on by me, like I asked him to.

Close to home. Great hike to take your dog with you. Nice views of the city.

9 months ago

Good trail. Not busy today. Great easy hike with dogs. Bike trails for more advanced users. Views of downtown Knoxville.

9 months ago

mountain biking
10 months ago

this is a intermedate trail that i would rate as moderate with fast down hill runs and steep hills, jumps and tight turns but a fun ride.Not much Parking

mountain biking
Saturday, August 13, 2016