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20 days ago

Nice afternoon hike to the overlook. The "Falls" is really a rapids in the Big South Fork, but still well worth the effort.

Absolutely gorgeous!

3 months ago

Great trail. Not to difficult. A bit rocky in some parts, and one small steep incline, but not bad at all. The bridge was nice, and the rock features were awesome.

The geology is stunning from the rock houses to the majestic twine arches. Worth the spur off to see Slave Falls. Encountered several snakes, one small black bear and enjoyed several yellow jacket stings durning an overnight camping trip with a group of Boy Scouts.

Nice hike in the Leatherwood area. The overlook is just 3 miles from the trailhead. Also worth noting that the start is across the bridge down the stair case. Overlook was a nice view of the Bsf River valley

Hiked this trail this afternoon along with a little side trip for a total of 7.1 miles from my campsite in Bandy Creek Campground. This trail is better suited for horseback riding due to many muddy spots and a stream crossing. I am giving the trail 4 stars but I would definitely give the campground 5 stars as it is one of the best national campgrounds with a plethora of hiking trails!

5 months ago

The hike was 2.2 miles but felt like forever! The beginning of the trial was alright but then it got boring. Also the end result wasn’t really worth the hike in the first place. My friends and I went on August 2nd and in result to that one of them got Rocky Mountain spotty fever,( which is deadly if not caught early). We all got ate up my several seed ticks. It’s not a terrible trail but I won’t be going back.

5 months ago

my family and I had a magnificent time. wonderful views at the bridge. take plenty of water it gets hot. I wouldn't call the trail easy either. would love to do it again sometime but I want to try some other trails in the area first.

5 months ago

This trail is absolutely amazing and beautiful. The overlook is stunning and it makes the climb totally worth it. However, make sure to be extremely careful and to look out for potentially dangerous animals. My friends and I camped overnight in a campsite near the main overlook and we spotted a mountain lion that hissed and growled at us on the way back to the campsite from the overlook. The next morning we saw 2 Black bear cubs and their mom as well as a few snakes.

Hiked Angel Falls Overlook and the Grand Gap Loop over two days. There is a perfect camping spot where Angel Falls Overlook Trail intersects with the Grand Gap Loop Trail. It is behind the sign at the top of the hill. There is no water on the trail after the small rock shelf that you hike which has a cable attached. Make sure you fill up your water there. We used a mini sawyer filter. Camp site is about .5 mile past the ladder and rock shell cable are. Stumbled on a black bear twice while hiking this trail so beware. Beautiful views at the two overlooks to the right of the intersection mentioned previously. All in all a great hike!

The Charit Creek Lodge is a rewarding treat to see along the loop. Lots of history in this area. Very pretty area!

6 months ago

Great trail! Make sure you pay attention to the trail signs. At some point the trail looks like it goes straight or up a set of rock stairs. Go up the rock stairs! However, you can get some great pictures going the other way, but the trail does not connect there. The railroad bridge at the end is totally worth it!

Nice easy trail while camping and geocaching at Bandy Creek last week.

7 months ago

on O & W Railroad Trail

scenic driving
7 months ago

We drove the old train bed to the bridge. Beautiful and in the boonies. Take your time driving because you will miss great views. Look left & right. Narrow train bed with holes here and there. Do not need 4 wheel drive.

We had a group of mostly young Boy Scouts. We enjoyed camping at Jakes Place and the side trip up to Slave Falls was worth it for sure. This was the perfect loop for our younger guys with heavy packs and sore legs. Luckily we had amazing weather.

Titled "Twin Arches" but doesn't go within miles of the Twin Arches?!

Beautiful views, rock faces and flowers

9 months ago

10 months ago

Great day hike! Streams and rocks made it more adventurous but still friendly for all ages. Beautiful views and flowers would be beautiful in the spring.

gorgeous view at the overlook. worth the climb. whole trail is well worth the hike. a little bit of everything.

Great trail. Can get kinda confusing with the lack of markers. The view and the trek up the ridge are gorgeous. The bridge to get to the overlook is broken and the “alternate route” was a swim through a 5ft deep creek. So get ready for a cold wade. Overall great hike.

11 months ago

Hiked to Devil's Den & completed Leatherwood Loop Tr on the way back. 8 mi. Majority is easy. Mod .6 mi section beyond the bridge to Devil's Den but this is the best section. Trail is well marked & maintained. Really nice waterfalls just before the bridge & .2 mi before Devil's Den. The O & W bridge is historical. Devil's Den a nice geo feature & camping site. An enjoyable afternoon.

Loliipop out & back combo w Grand Gap Tr-12.4mi. Easy. Well marked & maintained. Bridge over Fall Branch broken but can still use. Superb section from Fall Branch up to the plateau-interesting rock features. Several pretty waterfalls & some great vistas from outcrops on the rim. A very enjoyable hike.

beautiful area.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

5 stars for the view and workout. Trail needs some work. The leatherwood ford and another bridge on the trail are damaged. It wasn't 10 miles, maybe 6.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Arch to Jake's Place...and out.

Did an overnight with great company looping clockwise. Arrived at 12 allowing plenty of time to visit the larger arch/cave, stroll to Charit Lodge for late lunch and finish with a casual hike and liesurely camp setup at Jake's Place. We ate dinner and talked around the campfire before calling it a night. Woke up with a quick morning out and back toward Needle Arch and Slave Falls. Then it was time to walk up and out. The first mile leaving Jake's is enough of a climb to raise the heart rate a little. The last 1.7 are along the rock bluff, towers overhead. Just beautiful hiking before the ascent up the stairs/ladders.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Great trail! Clearly marked! Perfect campsite on the water 1 mile in.

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