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Hiked to Devil's Den & completed Leatherwood Loop Tr on the way back. 8 mi. Majority is easy. Mod .6 mi section beyond the bridge to Devil's Den but this is the best section. Trail is well marked & maintained. Really nice waterfalls just before the bridge & .2 mi before Devil's Den. The O & W bridge is historical. Devil's Den a nice geo feature & camping site. An enjoyable afternoon.

Loliipop out & back combo w Grand Gap Tr-12.4mi. Easy. Well marked & maintained. Bridge over Fall Branch broken but can still use. Superb section from Fall Branch up to the plateau-interesting rock features. Several pretty waterfalls & some great vistas from outcrops on the rim. A very enjoyable hike.

beautiful area.

5 stars for the view and workout. Trail needs some work. The leatherwood ford and another bridge on the trail are damaged. It wasn't 10 miles, maybe 6.

Arch to Jake's Place...and out.

Did an overnight with great company looping clockwise. Arrived at 12 allowing plenty of time to visit the larger arch/cave, stroll to Charit Lodge for late lunch and finish with a casual hike and liesurely camp setup at Jake's Place. We ate dinner and talked around the campfire before calling it a night. Woke up with a quick morning out and back toward Needle Arch and Slave Falls. Then it was time to walk up and out. The first mile leaving Jake's is enough of a climb to raise the heart rate a little. The last 1.7 are along the rock bluff, towers overhead. Just beautiful hiking before the ascent up the stairs/ladders.

Great trail! Clearly marked! Perfect campsite on the water 1 mile in.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Cool trail with nice vistas.

Beautiful geographical and geological landscapes.

4 months ago

I disagree with the "easy" rating. Starts out nicely enough but many rocks and roots make it challenging. I am disappointed that I needed to turn back but safety first.

Beautiful hike, lots of stairs to climb so be ready but most definitely worth the trip! Rock formations were outstanding!

5 months ago

Beautiful scenery through wooded and grassy clearings. Super easy hike accessed via a gravel road almost the entire way, until near the end. Can even be driven, except for the last 1/2 mile, which is blocked and forces you to walk from that point, but where's the fun in driving it. There is no directional signage until about a half mile in from the parking area, otherwise the way to Leatherwood Overlook is clearly marked, along with various other trails along the way.

This trail provides so many possibilities. We backpacked in without really knowing what we'd find. A long downhill trek took us to Charit Creek Lodge. What a unique place! Traditional style cabins with no electricity. Of course, we planned to camp.. but a nice man named Greg let us know of a couple cool, secluded sites in the area. One was pretty close to the lodge, so we even went back to have a beer with him later. We camped by a creek and didn't see many people at all! Maybe 2 or 3 in the 2 days we took to do the whole loop. If you're not AS adventurous, you could stay at the lodge (fairly priced) and do a shorter loop that doesn't require the whole 10.5 miles. It was challenging as there's a lot of rockiness and mud, a lot of uphill. But definitely beautiful. We went in the summer so everything is extremely lush and green. Definitely bring bug repellent.. as my all natural lemon grass remedy did not phase these bugs. They're brutal and will eat you alive. There are several little swimming holes near the creek bed, wildlife, blackberry gardens, and maybe if you're lucky you'll get pouring down rain for your hike back up towards the end. Plus! The Twin Arches are beautiful and majestic!

7 months ago

Great hike! Good for camping and getting away from everyone.

7 months ago

This was A good trail to hike little rocky was pretty easy . Would definetly do again

Went this morning with a plan to do 2 miles to the bridge, cross it and eat. Trail was nice, wide enough not to be walking in poison ivy. Plans sometimes change. Wildflowers were finished early this year. Bridge is in need of repair. About 1/5 was damaged from flooding. Still passable we were told from fellow hikers. Forest service notified. Will plan to return next year earlier for wildflower viewing. Hiking boots recommended, muddy today. Enjoy!

Stunning view of the falls. I suggest you go down to the river to get the full gander.

10 months ago


10 months ago

Long hike, great views. Bring plenty of water and a light snack.


Beautiful views!

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