Photos of Savage Gulf State Natural Area Camping Trails

I hiked this clockwise, South Rim Trail, up Connector, camped at Hobbs Cabin CG, then down North Rim back home. I feel like the S Rim Trail is rarely used, and there’s cause for that. Most of that section is walking through an uneventful woods. There are sections where you can get an overlook of the gulf, but in comparison to the North Rim it’s not even close. The connector trail is pretty tough. It’s approximately 3 miles and 2 of those is climbing a talus field. Total trip was 20 miles. I was testing out a new ultralight pack so I was gunning for mileage. However, if I was out to enjoy the views and keep it more casual, I’d do the N Rim out and back. There’s some truly excellent views from the N Rim Trail. Did this 9-28-19, of you attempt during these hot, dry southern months carrying extra water. Hobbs Cabin Spring still had a little, bit I didn’t see much other water at all.

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