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4 days ago

The trail is made up of hard packed dirt, loose leaf litter, some rock outcropping, pine needles and surface roots. I can see why this trail has a moderate rating because of the slight grades on the trail along with some rock outcropping and roots. Overall the trail was great and well maintained. My wife and I took to the trail late in the day and the last 3 miles was a race with sun down. We made back to the trail head and about 20 minutes later it was dark. Next time we will bring head lamps.
We really enjoyed the trail.

Great trail, amazing waterfall, fun swimming

This is a nice, kid friendly trail with a waterfall that’s relatively safe for kids to explore. The trail is pretty easy and well maintained but there are few roots and rocks in places. The main attraction is the waterfall and a bluff over-look area. My 6-year old enjoyed the trail and handled the terrain just fine. As for the 2-Star ‘hiking snob’ review, I have to partially agree: There isn’t breathtaking scenery to keep you entertained the full length of the trail. If that’s what you are looking for, a scenic highway or National Geographic magazine would be a better fit for you than a State Park. If you enjoy hiking for the sake of hiking, this is great trail and not a long hike for the scenery it provides - especially for TN.

Don't follow the directions in the link.

Lower Greeter was beautiful, Board Tree was just a trickle. Rock formations on trails to both were amazing. Did not check out Upper Greeter.

25 days ago

Fun loop! Pretty standard woodsy Tennessee scenery, but the Stone Door is a really awesome, unique feature...add in some nice views and a waterfall and you've got a recipe for a great day hike. I started around 8am on a Saturday and didn't see a soul until I reached the Alum Gap camp area, but the parking lot was full when I left. I'd rate the loop more moderate, but the climb to Alum Gap at the end of the BCG trail is a doozy for sure. There are quite a few sections of the BCG that are rocky and pretty slick--if you have weak knees or ankles definitely wear supportive footwear and maybe bring trekking poles, especially if it's a wet day. The BCR trail fairly easy and mostly flat, so don't be discouraged from taking it even you're gassed from the climb out-- the views are lovely. In total the trail including the Ranger Falls spur took me right at 5 hours with a short break for lunch. Temps were in the upper 60s and I drank about 1.5L water.

I explored the trails to Blue Hole, Greeter Falls, and Broad Tree Falls today with my Doberman. This experience would have received five stars from me, except for my huge disappointment over the fact that I was not able to get down to the bottom of Greeter Falls. As far as I could tell, the only way to the bottom was to use the spiral, steel grate ladder that goes STRAIGHT down, and (understandably), my dog just refused to go down that ladder. I was really disappointed that there was no other way down, especially since I drove 1.5 hours specifically to see Greeter Falls, but the day was salvaged by the fact the Broad Tree Falls were also lovely...and accessible for my Dobe! So, unless you have a smaller dog that you can carry up and down that spiral staircase, don't get your hopes up about hiking to the bottom of Greeter Falls if you're hiking with your pooch. All of the trails are great, though, and very well marked.