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Very nice trail, and well maintained. I'd rate it as moderate. though the alum gap-BCG section is quite rocky and steep. Wear close toed shoes. Only a couple other people on the trail despite clear skies and a high around 55. Near the ranger station, check out Ranger Falls as well, just a couple hundred yards to beautiful falls.

Greeter Falls is beautiful. There is a very narrow metal spiral staircase to get down. There is a short walk up to the upper falls that is worth seeing. Board tree falls is definitely harder to get down to but also worth it. Both falls were full flow when I hiked. I recommend poles for this hike. This was my first hike and I quickly realized how handy trekking poles are.

My dog and I backpacked the entire loop over 3 days/2 nights. This trail does not contain a lot of sustained steep uphills or downhills, so it feels mostly flat. The trails are well-marked and the bridge crossings are fun. Most of the really spectacular views are on the western side of the trail. After about 9 miles, I don't remember any views worth mentioning, but it was nice meandering through the forests. We stayed at Hobb's Cabin one night and then Dinkey Line campground the next night. Hobb's cabin was a bit of a disappointment. The bunks were really designed for children, not adults. I was able to sling my hammock up inside the cabin so I slept comfortably, but had I no had my hammock, I would have opted to sleep on the picnic table outside, or the floor rather than the bunks. The spring at Hobb's cabin was difficult to filter from because it is not very deep. A better place to filter water is either one of two streams prior to reaching the cabin (2 miles away if traveling clockwise, about 0.5 miles away traveling counter-clockwise). Hobb's Cabin is very dark inside, even during the day, so I wish I would have brought a couple of candles. Fires are allowed in the cabin, but you need to collect your own firewood and the windows need to be left open or you'll smoke yourself out. The next night we stayed at Dinkey Line campground. Water for filtration was pretty close, but spring fed, so a bit of a challenge. There was LTE service (Verizon) at Dinkey Line. This was good, but hearing the sounds of traffic on nearby highways kinda made it feel not so much like sleeping in the backcountry. I only gave 3/5 stars as a backpacking trip because I like to camp really close to water sources and prefer more privacy when camping backcountry. It felt like the campsites would lack privacy on a busy weekend.

Beautiful trail that is not too difficult. Not heavily trafficked on the day we went.

Great trail! Beautiful views and nice campsites along the way.

Great trail. BTW at nearly ever rock outcropping I had a strong Verizon signal. Great to know I had comms since it was the first overnight trip with my little boy.

29 days ago

Don't pass up the Boulder Field.

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