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The bluffs provide a nice view of the gulf and great spots for snacking and relaxing. I did this trail in late winter, I imagine it's very pretty in the spring.

I hiked in and out to my campsite last week by taking the rim trail. I was going to do the loop but it was later in the day and after hearing the ranger's warnings and standing on the bluff and seeing how far down (and back up) the river was I chickened out. Came back earlier today to tame this beast. It was extremely beautiful but it was hard due to the elevation changes which are almost 1000 ft.

Beautiful trail. Slick early in the morning.

Super fun and pretty easy hike! BEAUTIFUL waterfalls!!!

Did the Savage Day Loop to the North Rim and then North Plateau trails in mid February. The Savage Day Loop is a nice easy hike with some bridges and the option for a short detour to see Savage Falls. The North Rim was a great trail, fairly level with a lot of incredible views from the bluffs. I really enjoyed Hobbs Cabin at the end the the North Rim, its a good place for a lunch break and a rest. The North Plateau trail is ok, but there isn't a lot of variation. The whole trip is around 18 miles. I did it as a day hike, but it would have been much more enjoyable as an overnight at the Hobbs Cabin campsite.

nice challenge for our scout troop

Great waterfall and trail. Just enough of a trail that you can spend an afternoon if you want. Waterfall is great in the spring when there's water. Beautiful pool at the bottom.

This is one of my favorite places.