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Good for in shape beginners. Been to Hobbs cabin a few times now. My favorite 1 night hike.

I only did half of this trail starting from Collins West Campground and ending at Sawmill Campground. I would deviate from this trail and follow the Stagecoach Road trail to Savage Falls Campground. This trail is a bit harder than others, but it offers some truly great sites. Collins West Campsite had a cliff where you could brush your teeth with a view before heading out for the day! Horsepound Falls offers a good break spot. Then there is Schwoon Springs right before you get to Sawmill Campground. This spot provides a fantastic hangout inside the cliff, hearing the water crash on its way down the rocks. Such a great sound to witness! This trail really does offer many features.

6 days ago

Easy hike with neat brides to get you over the water flow. The waterfall is breathtaking!

Great hike...always enjoy it

great winter waterfall hike for ranger creek falls

also great as an out and back to horsepound and suter falls in winter

13 days ago

can do as shorter 3.4 roundtrip to savage falls in winter is great as well.

Really loved this one. The falls were beautiful, and the trails too. Lots of cool rock cliffs and old trees. I want to come back and spend more time on these trails!

on Savage Day Loop

16 days ago

Well marked and well maintained trail. Friendly, helpful ranger and restroom at the trailhead. Many great options in this park.

Late January. Had a great experience hiking this trail - 32 years old, average athleticism and poor conditioning, with very little hiking experience. We did the Blue Hole trail first which leads to what seems like a great swimming area if the waters were a little warmer. Greeter Falls trail starts out wide with a forgiving grade and then gradually becomes the very opposite. Some challenging paths pocked with heavy roots, loose stones, and thin paths on descent were made even more challenging by the ever-increasing downhill grade, mud, and, in some places, icy conditions. The overlooks on the way down were incredible with some interesting cave-like formations as you near the base - some sections may not be for the weary of heights. The final descent is a two- to three-story spiral staircase that was icy at the top, followed by a steel grated two-story staircase that was iced over on 3 consecutive steps. After a mindful 30 minutes of walking, we were rewarded with boulder stacks, a pounding waterfall, and large pools of crystal clear waters. Did not see any kind of picnic area near the falls though we did not venture far from the base due to the cold waters.

This trail is not for the faint of heart. While it has some easy sections and some moderate sections. There are also some very strenuous sections as well. We hiked it clockwise and started with the waterfalls. I’m pretty sure no matter which way you go that last leg of each side of the trail will definitely test you. I hiked this with a 15 y/o and a 16 y/o and my kids and I hike pretty regularly but we woke up this morning all walking funny. It tests the legs out most definitely. But it is an awesome trail with lots of beautiful scenery. We didn’t get to see the views at the look out points because it rained off and on all day and we hiked in the fog a lot. But would definitely do this trail again but maybe next Time backpack it. Have fun everyone.

23 days ago

whole park is great!!

A little bit of everything. Easy, fun hike with a LOT of great views. Some challenging areas (when backpacking)

Love this trail during winter months. Scenery is beautiful. Can be challenging in areas. Easy if you hike a lot and used to it. Take your time you’ll be fine.

Short hike. Only worth it if you are combining it with Stone Door

I would agree with Paul Jacob that this hike could be rated as moderate if you hike regularly. While there are certainly strenuous sections and the mileage is up over 9 miles if you add on the extra 0.8 to Ranger Falls (highly recommend!!), the trail is super easy to navigate with all of the blazes and clear signage. Also, the uphill sections really aren't bad if you take the loop clockwise. I would think going counterclockwise on the loop would be harder as the trail ascending out of the Big Creek Gulf to Stone Door is steeper and rocky.

Since we did this hike during the winter, we were able to see Big Creek very well along the Big Creek Gulf trail, which was flowing beautifully in spots. The flowing water sections of Big Creek plus the spur trail to Ranger Falls made this my favorite section of the three sections on this loop.

Summary: If you're a regular hiker, this is a fairly moderate, mid-distance hike with some great scenery for the mileage. My wife and I were able to complete the loop in just under 5 hours. We highly recommend this one!

1 month ago

Nice trail not much to see in the way of views but still nice to be in the woods

Tough trail. Definitely go see Ranger Falls. Brutal climb up to Alum campground. Awesome views on the way out and the Stone Door is amazing

I hiked this trail with some buddies of mine. We had a great time, it’s an easy trail and it has tons of beautiful overlooks! It also has some campsites on the trail for backpacking. It also is great for a one day trail hike.

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