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It's very beautiful and we'll worth the short hike in and climb down. My wife and I are in our 70s and made it fine. There's a trail leading away from the falls to the secondary falls upstream that's a bit harder, but not bad. Do the entire loop to make it worthwhile.

One of my favorite falls in middle Tennessee, the falls are gorgeous and flow great after recent rainfall. The spiral staircase to get down to the falls may be a problem for some dogs, elderly, and small children. You can also climb to the upper falls, which are less "grand" per-say but still lovely (also gives you a neat look down the lower falls!).

Pretty easy trail with stairs and rails. Does get narrow and close to the cliff edge at times. Absolutely amazing waterfalls to view. Highly recommend!!!!

It's always a go to

This really is a long but easy hike. Laurel Trail basically winds through the woods without much else to look at. Stone Door is of course a beautiful spot. Big Creek Rim is again easy with a few nice overlooks. I'm a 51 year old beginner and I was able to complete the loop in less than 4 hours.

Like Mary, I also took Laurel out. It added to the mileage, but my companion was gassed, so we took easy mode to complete the loop. I did this trail because of the hard rating, and that ascent did not disappoint my expectations. I thought that climb was going to end like 5 times before it did, lol. I didn't make it to the falls though. My lady isn't that great on rock yet. Initially, I was disappointed because I thought we took the easier way. On closer inspection, I will tell you there is no "better" way to do this trail. The madman that designed it made it where no matter which way you go, you're screwed. I took the GSD straight down into rock hell and then had to climb my way out of it. Touche, trail designer. Touche indeed.

18 days ago

This was a great backpack trip. The whole trail is beautiful and pretty difficult terrain.

Short hike, unimpressive falls. Good for people that can only do very short (~15-20min., ~0.5mi) trails, but otherwise not worth it.

A pretty short hike that leads to an awesome little swimming hole. The trail down is slippery and uneven at times, which may be a bit of an effort for some, but should be doable even for most out-of-shape folks.

21 days ago

My son and I did an overnight here. Went from the Savage Gulf Ranger Station to the Stagecoach Road Site. Beautiful views and a challenging trail. We had a great time, and look forward to going back. The only issue we had was the trail sign for Stagecoach Road was knocked down by some deadfall after some storms, and we almost missed it.