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1 day ago

Very short 0.5 mile hike that leads from a parking lot down to the river and a long wall of waterfalls that you can climb behind. Waterfalls were awesome and rocks at the river were large enough to lounge on. Very good trail for those that don’t want to spend all day hiking, but still want to see something cool. Trail is pretty wet as you are climbing down a waterfall the whole time along rocks, man made stairs and ramps with cable for support. Spent about an hour at waterfalls and then hiked back up and drove a little further to the very nice on site beach where you allowed to swim. Swimming prohibited on this trail. Wouldn’t have wanted to try anyway. Not worth the risk.

9 days ago

100% recommending this trip! The views are beautiful and the water is cold. It’s very refreshing on a hot day. The rocks on the bottom of the gorge bed do make it uncomfortable to swim barefoot. You definitely want to bring a pair of water shoes or a dry pair of boots to walk back up in.

Great trail for beginners. My friend and I hiked this one while we waited for the rain to clear so that we could hike down to the falls. Mostly shaded by trees so even in the rain we didn’t get soaked. Maintained very well too!

Very nice hike. Trails are usually pretty wet being near a dam, so bring some good boots. The sights and the swimming hole are epic.

1 month ago

I really enjoyed this hike. I drove over from Nashville to spend the day and did three of the shorter hikes in the area. all of them a moderate hike as far as skill level goes. the falls were a beautiful sight and so was the gorge and some smaller falls as well. definitely worth the trip. Next time I may camp and hike, as there is still more to see!


1 month ago

Beautiful park and trails. A lot of wildflowers and several waterfalls to check out. Twin Falls is one of my favorites.

Very easy and really pretty hike. No waterfall views here but lots of river views and pretty forest.

2 months ago

One of my favorite places!

2 months ago

Always one of my go-to short trails. Very well maintained and love the falls

I wouldn't really call this a hike but it was nice nonetheless - you take a short (but steep and slippery) walk down to the river. Rock Island seems to be made up of a bunch of little trails so if you want to do some hiking in the park, I'd recommend just doing all the trails. My friend and I did this in a day and ended up with about 7-8 miles total. None of the trails are difficult and most of them are easy to follow plus you get to see more of the park (which is pretty and well-maintained) that way!

The only downside when we went was that they had to close off the gorge b/c of flooding so we weren't able to go into it. I do hope to go back someday when that's not an issue!

3 months ago

My husband & I did this trail with our 4 kiddos on the last day of our 5-day vacation to Tennessee. We totally saved the best day for last. Loved this Park & this trail as well as Blue Hole Trail.

There’s really nothing to this trail it’s just a 3 mile hike by a river. I came into this hiking thinking is a least see one waterfall since you see some in the pictures but I was disappointed to find that this hike is really nothing special. Only reason I’m rating this 2 stats instead of one is because I went off trail and hiked by the Collins river instead of the trail.

Beautiful views of a large waterfall!
Just be careful because they are not kidding when they say the water is dangerous. The last time I went the water would have been too dangerous to even go white water rafting.
But when the water is low, you can walk down to the river and take some really great pictures without hiking the trail.

beautiful area. the gorge and warm hole area rock climbs are fun as well.

Great trail. Very easy. I️ advise not going right after I️t rains. Super slick spots. Easy for dogs.

8 months ago

This is a great trail, but it is not easy. Very fun, just beware if you have little kids or others in your group that this should not be rated as easy.

9 months ago

I don't know why this is classed as easy, except it's short and they have placed stairs and and cables to assist in the climb at the top half. The same caves that create the great falls, also create falls along the entire length of the bluff, and several portions of the trail a flooded. Jewel Weed is everywhere, and that attracts hummingbirds, so we saw several dozen, plus a Peregrine Falcon and Osprey and several song birds. Recommend a camera, bird book, and water shoes for this short hike.

Super disappointing hike. The falls are at the trailhead, and it's such a short hike with nothing to really look at. The trees are really young as well so it's just a super big disappointment.

Twin Falls is a beautiful waterfall, and you can rock hop right to the river where the base is (or kayak, etc to the actual base of the falls). We didn't particularly follow any one trail here, mostly rock hopped and climbed around the area to the upper falls (also incredibly beautiful). Lots of spiders enjoying these rocks as well so wear appropriate footwear and use caution.

on Rock Island Twin Falls

11 months ago

Nice vantage points to see the falls . Beautiful place for a picnic on the boulders .

11 months ago

I liked the trail kids did as well . Very easy in my opinion. Very well kept and clean trail

Beautiful hike, pretty steep, not super long. Love it every time!

Beautiful beautiful place

Beautiful!! These falls are awsome!! moderate trail. We climbed down into the gorge in front if falls. Wow

Nice trial awesome sights along the way. Easy for all age groups. Would go back anytime.

Monday, June 19, 2017

The pros on this trail are fairly easy. 1. It's one of the very few trails that (after going down some "real" stairs) you start at the bottom of the water fall. No steep descent followed up a steep ascent. 2. Rock Island has various activities within the park. You can swim and go hiking on multiple trails. 3. Indoor bathrooms at the welcome center. This is huge when you travel with children. 4. If you do have children, you'll be happy that there are relatively few parts on the trail where you hug along a cliff. 5.The water fall is right there as soon as you get out of your car.

The con - The water fall is right there as soon as you get out of your car. You are basically left with a nature walk out, away from the water fall and back to the waterfall. There are many times where you stop and think "Wait. Where are we going?" If you contrast to a trail like the Grundy Day Loop, there you see water activity all along the path. Here you're pretty much walking among the trees.

I will go to Rock Island again, but I wouldn't go any farther than the water fall on this trail again.

Friday, June 16, 2017

This was a very easy trail to see some magnificent waterfalls. Well worth the short hike.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Loved this trail! Great view and just long enough for a moderate hiker. A little wet in places on the trail but there were rocks that my friend and I used to walk on to keep our shoes relatively dry. All in all, a great trail.

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