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Awesome trip, shuttled up to carvers gap and hiked back to the hostel. plan 15-17 actual miles if you are going to explore, check out the red barn, etc. makes a great overnight.

Definitely an amazing trail. Well worth going to. It had beautiful sunsets and amazing view because there were very few trees. It was an amazing place to bring a drone or backpack. Just has ridges that go on for miles and allow for good areas to have camp and fire pits in the rocks while besides it in a tent on soft grasses. Awesome place.

I’ve hiked this section quite a few times and it never gets old. One of the most beautiful hikes in Eastern US in my opinion. Be prepared for any kind of weather.

1 month ago

Love this trail. When I went I only saw three or four other people along the entire trail. You can also connect to the Appalachian Trail and hike a lot farther. Makes for a great day all in all. Best of all, its dog friendly. Can't wait to go back when the rhododendrons are blooming!

Love it. Perfect time is now!

Great hike, 360 views for most of the trail. A must hit for SB6k.

Spent the night at the shelter and had some challenging weather on our hike out to 19. Harbor hostel folks took great care of us with a fairly priced shuttle back to carvers. Should have at least a couple overnighters in before attempting this one IMO.

Beautiful views , diversified terrain with some pretty strenuous climbs .... 50 mile an hour winds on one of the peaks .... significant downhill section near end ... if you are looking for a hostel / bar / food at the end of this section try The Station at 19E , they really take care of hikers .

i would definitely go again! beautiful

The Sound of Music will be what you are thinking of when you get up on the balds. Spectacular! I hike a small section of this in the summer. Going back this fall to camp. Prepare to be WOW'D!

One of the more scenic hikes I have ever been on. We shuttled up from Mountain Harbor and hiked to Overmountain Shelter on day 1. We heard weather was going to move in the next day, so we hiked the remaining portion on Day 2. Not a bad hike on day 2, until you get to Doll Flats and then the remaining 3-4 miles is a pretty steep drop. We were glad to get out on Day 2, because the next day it snowed!! The views from the balds are well worth the hike.

One of my favorite hikes! Nice rolling trail, gorgeous views almost the entire time. Going across the balds with good visibility is just breathtaking. Be prepared for snow and ice from late fall to late spring- the elevation makes a huge difference! Crampons can be a game changer in the cold months.

Looking for information about this hike. I am planning a 2 night trip to make it a little easier. Can you camp anywhere of does it have to be at the shelters? Water sources? e-mail me please at keith.filson@att.net

8 months ago

This is a great hike for two reasons. First, the views from the two observation platforms are fantastic. Second, this is a great example of the flora that exists above 5,000 feet in the Appalachians. It reminded us of the Northwest. But there is no waterfall, unless there's a part of the trail not on the AllTrails map.

9 months ago

We parked at the Cloudland parking lot, the first one you get to at the top. You can continue on the gravel road past this parking lot all the way to the .7 of a mile marker from the Bluffs. We began from the start and it was approx 3 miles round trip. Beautiful trail, easy to maneuver. We had our 5 year old with us. He did great! Some parts are a bit muddy but there are ways around the mud holes. The last .7 of the trail can get crowded and the trail is narrow in areas. Just use etiquette, not everyone has manners so be aware. It gets noisy in the last leg too. We suggest early morning if you enjoy tranquil nature time. The views at the end are amazing. Again the viewing area can get crowded, people don't want to move and allow others to see so be aware of this too. For the ultimate experience go early or during the week.

Loved this section! We hiked from carvers to Hump and camped there. Then continued on the next day down to 19e. There is a little place for 2 hammocks if your lucky and get there first! Sunset was amazing! Parked our car at Mountain Harbour and they shuttled us up.

9 months ago

I have this trail a 5 star based solely on the incredible view we had! We hiked from the big parking lot (1.4 miles each way) and it was relatively a flat hike with just a few rocky and sloped areas. My friend and I both wore tennis shoes, but there's several areas that is muddy and boots would've been more appropriate. Key note, once you arrive into the parking lot, the trail starts immediately as you turn in. It is not around the restroom area. A lot of people, including us, almost missed this. Once at the top you will get great views. Amazing to look out and see the other mountains and down in the valleys. Enjoyable hike, not many people around when we were there, love to do again sometime.

Smells like Christmas.

9 months ago

Easy trail. Beautiful hike on cool summer day--mostly shady, mossy. Trail can be wet in places. A few tips I wish we'd had. 1. Cloudland Trail does not begin on the end of the parking lot near the restrooms. It is literally right in front of you to the left when you pull up into the parking lot. It is across from the "keep right" sign, but the trailhead sign is turned so you can't see it. (see photo of my daughter and dogs with trailhead sign) 2. The trail does not start at the Cloudland Hotel site. A beautiful bald area for picnics and play but the trail from there is the Appalachian Trail which goes to Carvers Gap in one direction or continues on southward. 3. When you do hike in on Cloudland Trail, it splits. To the right will take you to first overlook. To the left keeps you on the trail. 4. It was worth our confusion (and hike on the AT) to find this on our way out. We hiked it and the view is spectacular as well as reasonably quiet--on a summer Saturday we only passed 2 sets of people. Easy trail which my daughter did in Chaos (even on the wet rock area). 1.4 miles from big parking lot; .7 miles from bus parking lot.

Great out and back today (just forgot to record the out). Decent ascent on the out, but it made the back pretty easy. Nice apple orchard and rock outcropping (that's where I turned back). Gear up and head out to this trail for a great day-hike!

We hiked to all 3 balds with our 10 & 15 yo. We were sunburned but other than that, awesome place, worth the sunburn, just have to wear a sunscreen next trip.

Simply stunning hike. It's about 15 miles from the trailhead to Mountain Harbour Hostel. They run a shuttle up to the trailhead for about 40 bucks. The hike is intense. The climbs are tough and the final descent is over very treacherous terrain. Regardless, it is 100% worth every bit of struggle. The views are unparalleled in the Eastern US.

You won't regret it.

View from the highlands are amazing. The little hump and big hump are challenging. Trails are well maintained, camp sites have water sources available. We hiked from carvers gap at 9:45am and arrived to camp at doll flats at 7pm. This is not a hike for the beginner so pack lightly with basic essentials. I was lucky to have someone in the group to carry my overloaded pack. I'm forever grateful!

started at carvers gap and hiked to Stan Murry shelter. Beautiful weather all day with some flame azalea and grays lily blooming. Will definitely be back in the future to hike again.

As with most trail reviews, a lot depends on the weather, your physical condition, and your mental condition. Unfortunately when we did this hike it had rained hard the previous night which made the trail very wet and muddy. And it was raining on and off all day that we hiked it. At the balds we were in the clouds so couldn't enjoy the sweeping vistas and when the sun was out we were in the woods making everything steamy and sticky. We had good insect repellant fortunately so the bugs didn't bother us. We started from 19E and hiked to Carvers Gap (left car at Carvers Gap the night before and it was fine), which meant we had a gross elevation gain of about 2500 ft. However, AllTrails pegged the gain at 4800+ ft. Quite the workout over 14.3 miles. First 5 miles pretty much straight up to Hump Mtn. Tough sections with mud and slick rocks. The trail over the Hump is very narrow, deep, and hidden by overgrown grass, which when combined with a muddy track made for a treacherous downhill trek. We had thought about making it to overmountain shelter for lunch but the side path to it leads down. Not what we wanted at that point in our hike since it meant an uphill return so we ate along the trail. Lots of flowers in bloom, which was a little surprising and some rhododendrons in bloom still too which made for a pretty hike since we couldn't enjoy the vistas. Last 3.7 miles from Stan Murray shelter to Carvers Gap in the rain, wind, fog, and mud. And of course mostly uphill. All in all, very tough hike without the rewards due to the weather.

excellent hike and the highest shelter on the AT:
At 6,285 feet, the Roan High Knob Shelter is the highest shelter found along the 2,175 mile Appalachian Trail.

10 months ago

Beauty - glorious beauty everywhere - trails for every level hiker - one of my favorite places on earth!

10 months ago

Beautiful short trail with amazing views from the top of Roan Mountain to Roan High Bluff. Trail exits the top of Roan Mountain parking area on the side away from the restrooms, opposite the hotel remains. Trail passes two bus parking areas. There are two great overlook areas, one just a short walk from the parking area and one at High Bluff with a nice platform for a 180 view. Enjoy the moss covered trees and high elevation air. The stone platform near the parking area is a great place to soak it all in.

11 months ago

You can make this hike long or short. We made it a short hike by driving to within 1/2 mile of the overlook.You can accomplish this by driving to the bus parking lot, and then follow the exit road to the sign for the trail. The trail is well maintained and quite pleasant but the big payoff is at the end when you get to the overlook platform. You are at over 6100 feet and on a clear day can see for miles! I really enjoyed this short little hike with the big payoff!

Absolutely gorgeous hike! Camped on top of Hump Mountain with a few groups of friendly hikers and enjoyed an unbelievable sunset and sunrise from the peak. Challenging hike as well, great weekend backpacking trip!

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