Red Clay State Historic Park is located in the extreme southwest corner of Bradley County in Tennessee, just above the Tennessee-Georgia state line. The park encompasses 263-acres of narrow valleys formerly used as cotton and pasture land. There are also forested ridges that average 200 feet or more above the valley floor. The site contains a natural landmark, the Blue Hole Spring, which arises from beneath a limestone ledge to form a deep pool that flows into Mill Creek, a tributary of the Conasauga and Coosa River system. The spring was used by the Cherokee for their water supply during council meetings.

Great light hike. Loved the historical park and beautiful little trail near the steam that leads to the spring.

1 month ago

The Council of Trees trail is a wholesome year-round trail, good for a quick workout or a leisurely walk, and fun for families, couples, singles, and pets. :-) Be warned, however, that the park closes VERY EARLY during the winter season. A nice hike nonetheless!


I'm usually the type that likes to feel like the hike has paid off, with a huge waterfall or something. In this case it's pretty much just a walk through the woods. I took my 8 yr old because she said she wanted to go backpacking with me and I am trying to get her some conditioning in. It's amazing, she did this and then ran to the bathroom approx. 1/8 mile, and you take her in a store for 5 minutes and her legs hurt!

5 months ago

Nice trail ,great for kids could use a sweep of all the loose rocks on a lot of the trail
2 adults 3 kids ages 3-13

I have a hard time deciding whether or not I like this trail. It's pretty quiet in the forest, but there really isn't much to see. The trail is mostly made up of rocks, and tree roots, so watch your step. I really liked the overlook. There was even a picnic table, next time I'm bringing my lunch with me! So is it awesome? No. Is it the worst? No.

P.S. I love the trail sign! It says the trail is 1.7 miles, and hiking time is 10hr... I really want to know how you take 10hr to do that hike.

love this trail

Awesome trail! Took my 10 year old daughter today and she did great! A good workout and she loved it!

It was a great beginner hike for us!! And the best part we only live 2 miles away!! It was absolutely beautiful!

Nice, peaceful trail. Ended up buying a "Tennessee State Parks" hiking stick medallion in the gift shop, too!

Very basic trail with generic monuments, but not the worst way to burn a couple hours (: Blue hole is REALLY REALLY blue.

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1 year ago

The council trail of trees was very serene and easy to follow. At 1.7 miles, I found it easy to follow, with markers every 100 yards or so. Beautiful wooded trail with benches along the trail and a multi landing platform with picnic tables about half way on the loop, at its highest point. A great place to take a picnic.