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Radnor Lake State Natural Area is set aside by the State of Tennessee for wildlife observation and protected under the State Natural Areas Preservation Act of 1971. Located just south of downtown Nashville, Radnor Lake is the largest pocket of wilderness in the U.S. in close proximity to a major city. With over 1200 acres (and growing with the acquisition of the Harris Ridge), over 6 miles of trails, and a variety of programs to keep everyone in the family busy - it's no wonder that Radnor Lake see nearly one million visitors annually. Radnor Lake can be accessed from two entrances. The east entrance (off Granny White Pike) has the largest parking area and Nature Center (with restrooms and maps). From the west, visitors can access Radnor Lake from Franklin Road. This smaller parking area does have restrooms and accesses both Otter Creek Road and the trail system. As a "Class II" State Natural Area, Radnor Lake has the most restrictive set of land management rules of any state park. Of these, there are few that hikers should keep in mind: no jogging/running on the trails, no off-trail hiking, no dogs/pets, and no food or picnicking is allowed.

What a sweet spot! Amazing lake views and so many trails you can choose from. Dogs aren’t allowed on the trial but they are allowed on Otter Road which is just as beautiful. :) Perfect for an afternoon walk.

22 days ago

I only hike with my dog because
1. he's a german shepherd lab mix so he has all the energy. It helps to wear him out and helps me to "keep up"
2. He makes me feel safe.
I was excited to do the full loop but when I got there I sae the no dogs sign. I was sad but we did enjoy walking where he was allowed to walk. Parking was really difficult, not a lot of spots and very busy.

Although parking is at a premium, if you’re a bird watcher, it’s worth it. Very pretty scenery, even I the winter. Love anyplace with a bit of history. I’m not a huge fan of paved paths, but something about this place where I didn’t mind. Could have been the company too.

No running. No camping. No venturing off trail. No picnicking. No biking. No parking outside the incredibly small designated lots within the designated lines. No talking. No breathing. Blah blah blah.
It annoys me when I go hiking and there are so many rules posted everywhere that I spend half the time running thru the list of ‘Don’ts’ instead of enjoying myself. Kinda takes the fun out of it all.
Overall it’s a nice trail particularly this close to Nashville. It was rainy and cold but it was still fairly crowded. I can imagine on a nice day tons of folks descending and maybe physically fighting over parking spaces (which could provide its own entertainment I suppose).
Trail was largely flooded while I was there however I would guess that’s typically not the case. It’s basically a pleasant stroll thru the woods. Nothing too strenuous.
Will look for different hikes next time I’m in the area.

1 month ago

Heavy traffic, overcrowded parking area

Oh wow. Absolutely glorious

Great hike, beautiful views. There were a lot of people but all of them were nice. On the way out there was a line of cars waiting for parking spaces, so get there early!

For hiking in Nashville, this is my favorite spot. It connects to the loop trail around the lake on both ends, so add this Gainer Ridge section for more of a challenge and gorgeous views. With the connecting loop trail, it’s about 3 miles total, not too difficult. Even though Radnor Lake is inside the city limits, 15 min. drive from downtown, you’ll feel far away from it all. There’s heavy foot traffic on weekends, but if you can catch this place when it isn’t crowded, it’s wonderful.

Good moderate trail with a nice little uphill section. The local wildlife doesn't seem to be afraid of people so they will stay close to the trail as you approach.

Great day hike in the city of you only have a few hours! The main lake trail tends to be a lot heavier trafficked than Gainer Ridge. Since it is a nature preserve, you are not permitted to leave the trail which is very clearly groomed and marked. This makes it a great place for a solo hike if you are new to solo hiking!

I love this hike to take family or new hikers. Tons of wildlife, great views of the lake. Good slight challenge with some elevation change. Very well maintained and conveniently near the city in a beautiful neighborhood.

A little busy when you are down by the lake but not bad once you get up into the woods.

Awesome trail! Great view of the sunset and great sense of accomplishment

This park is stunning! The trail system is vast and has moderate up and downs. If you are looking for a nice, easy hike, then this is the trail system for you. Running the trails is strictly prohibited so if you are looking to trail run, look elsewhere.

Beautiful view. Otter road is easy to walk. Pets aren’t allowed on the trails but are allowed on Otter Road.

Beautiful views. Very easy to walk

serenity at its best! awesome to get outside, get some fresh air and enjoy nature.

This was my first time hiking in Tennessee and it was so gorgeous! Great weather, trails marked extremely well, and it wasn’t too busy. We went on a Saturday too. Loved every minute, we saw lots of wildlife like Turkeys, chipmunks, squirrels, a variety of birds and some turtles! And crazy looking mushrooms and foliage, it was a blast. 10/10 recommend.

Great for a relaxing walk with the kids.

5 months ago

Although the water was green, and at times could get a little smelly, it wasn't overwhelming. So much wildlife! I saw multiple deer and turtles in addition to the millions of squirrels. Very easy hike with many options.

5 months ago

Easy at times and a bit on the moderate side as the hill gets steeper. Trail varies from rocky to mulch. Beautiful tree stands.


Beautiful hike. Lots of wildlife

Nice walking trails. Great place to walk and talk with a friend or family. Jogging not permitted!

Nice little trail

6 months ago

Parking is extremely hard at least during the mid day on the weekend, but great trail

I wish I could offer a rating but unfortunately I was unable to hike. Please be aware that there are two areas to park. When I arrived on a Sunday morning, there were lines of eight + cars waiting for people to leave, in order to park. I sat for ten-ish minutes (truthfully trying to figure out what was going on) and there was no movement. Thankfully I was able to U-turn out in both locations. But wasted drive and time to go to be turned away. Have a heads up that on lovely hiking days, this is not your location OR you need to get here early.

Training hike for upcoming CO 14er hike.

Gorgeous. Great views.

7 months ago

This hike should be classified as Moderate. There is a pretty steep hill but the hike is beautiful and I would definitely recommend this trail!

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