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This was a wonderful fall trail with interesting changes in topography. The trail could be marked a little better, but if you use the trail map from this app on your phone to double check your location you’ll be fine. I started on the opposite side of the parking lot and didn’t have a problem. The forest was very quiet, somewhat eerily so, and hardly anyone was there in the middle of the week.

Took this loop on Nov 4th. Was good except for the yellow trail portion which wasn’t as well marked and consisted of ATV trails with puddles of stinky mud. Would recommend doing the orange to orange/yellow and coming back on the same trail.

This was great trail with a couple of variations for length. Like others said, it seems to be minimally tended to so there are areas with trees down and a few spots you have to climb or traverse. Our 70 lb boxer was able to handle it well. The stairs at the beginning might be the hardest parts with really uneven step gaps.

The waterfall is worth the short (but steep) off trail venture. Absolutely stunning.

Views are outstanding right at the beginning.

Just hiked here. Amazing views and a fairly easy trail if you hike a lot. Doesn’t feel like 5.9 miles in. I started at 7:30 and got back to my car at 12 and I hung around the overlook for about an hour. Feels more like 4 miles for the whole thing. Absolutely beautiful especially since the trees have started to change color!

15 days ago

Enjoyed the steps cut through Indian Rockhouse and other scenic spots along the way. The view at Snooper's Rock is a must see and a great photo op. Took my dog on this hike and she had a great time.

The parking area is on the right and clearly marked. There is a trail that intersects directly to the parking area, but that's not the one for this hike. This trailhead is across the dirt road.

27 days ago

Best view of a hike we have done. Pictures don’t do it justice.

A little challenging. Fun hike, very easy to follow markers.

Great hike, challenging but not too much. Well marked and maintained. We'll definitely do this one again!

1 month ago

Several large trees obstruct or simply cross the trail. Very humid day. I don’t think I had enough bug spray on; insects in my face too often. Beautiful woods otherwise.

This is one of my favorite hiking trails. Especially when you make it down to Rainbow Falls ;)

2 months ago

I loved this hike! There’s a parking lot on the right side
Of the road by the CT sign. There’s a single wooden portapotty there also if you need. The trailhead is on the left. Go to Indian Rockhouse and end up at Snoopers. It’s a fantastic hike and that view never gets old! Best sunrise in Chatta❤️

Great hike with the hubby!!

I was looking for a trail that I hadn’t done before and I wanted to end up at Edwards Point, so I picked this one. The recording was perfect bc it let me know where the trailhead started. It would’ve been confusing bc there was a trail on both sides of the road. The trail was more of a dirt road than a trail. That’s the only reason I rated this hike two stars. We saw two people riding bikes and 1 person trail running. This trail was perfect for that. Edwards Point was beautiful but next time I would access it by a different trailhead.

trail running
2 months ago

Very overgrown with many fallen trees. Not great for a paced trail run.

Bridges are looking a little shakey..

Hiked this path but Alltrails wouldn't record for some reason. Good, long day hike. If you plan to do the whole thing I suggest leaving the kids at home, but the trip to Edwards Point is easy enough.

Tough on beginners but well worth it if you can make it.

I'll be back to search for a safe path down to the elusive Rainbow Falls.

Most of the trails in Prentice Cooper are easy to moderate. There are some trails that having a lift is a bonus for extra clearance. It’s a great place to drive around for a few hours and close to Chattanooga.

This was very challenging for me. So much going up. .
then up some more

Fun hike with a great view at Signal Point! We loved seeing the bridges, creeks, and boulders throughout the route. There were many rocks and tree roots to traverse along the trail. Watch trail signs as some of the trails seem to cross at certain points. We definitely enjoyed this hike!

My favorite hike! Beautiful views, challenging but awesome! Takes you to other connecting trails if you want longer hikes.

3 months ago

Trail really needs to be cleaned up. Very overgrown and several big trees have fallen across it. There is a sign saying the natural bridge is 2.8 miles... Pretty sure it's wrong, according to my Fitbit, its twice that.

great loop

Great way to stretch the legs and plenty to see.

4 months ago

Nearly drove to Snoopers Rock on the ATV trail next to the parking area - in an Audi SUV - no 4WD needed. The Cumberland Trail is next to the rock and you can go for miles and miles along the ridge line. Great hike, even if it’s a bit toasty in mid-July.

Unfortunately the trail has not been maintained at all. There are numerous washouts, several widow maker trees that block the trail and frankly make parts of the trail unsafe, and the worst part of the trail is closer to the dam. A large tree blocks the trail, so you have to climb down the edge of the gorge to pass, but its basically a muddy, and almost impassible, cliff edge. I would not recommend this trail until some serious trail maintenance has been performed. It's sad to see just how dilapidated it has become, since this was the trail that made us fall in love with hiking and Chattanooga. Until some serious trail maintenance is performed, this trail should be rated as difficult. Full trail review + pics coming soon to our hiking blog: www.Wander-Full-Life.com

4 months ago

A little confusing to get to the trail head. But once you are there, the hike is well marked, and a great intermediate hike! The view from the rock is worth the 5 miles on a warm and clear day!

The day I walked this trail it was difficult. Obvious signs of erosion and storm damage, plus human interference, made it a little rough. Once past the mousetrap(stairs) you're basically on your own. The views are worth the effort, especially Julia Falls Overlook, but be prepared. Not a good trail for elderly, young and rambunctious children, or inexperienced hikers. It's not a "picnic trail". Might have been in the past, but not now.

Moderate hike average hikers and children can complete. Be careful to stay on the correct path, there are several forks to other trails. There is a dam and small swimming hole at the bottom with campsites.

reviewing as someone who hiked this for the first time...the trail was poorly marked. the trees were well marked with the color of the trail you are following, but the trails lacked maps that show where you are and where each trail will lead you to. however, because of this our 6 mile hike luckily turned into a 9 mile one;) the all trails app helped us get back on track to Edwards point. the views were worth it!!

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