dogs on leash

18 hours ago

fun and defiantly challenging with pug in tow.

tough. bring water. beautiful views.

The trail was well and apparently recently remarked with great views and wonderful intimate woodland settings. The trail is easy to moderate between the trailhead and Snoopers rock with some signs of misuse and graffiti. Between Snoopers rock and Mullins cove overlook it remains easy to moderate difficulty with evidence of only light traffic. There is one area which is confusing at a wash but look for the sign marked "trail". Between Mullins cove overlook and the parking lot the trail is moderate to hard with a 1.5 mile stretch of rock hopping. There is little traffic although there is an unfortunate cut road crossing that is both very confusing and very damaged by truck/ATV use. Again look for signs marked "trail".

Well-marked moderate difficulty trail with great views and light traffic the morning after a heavy rain. Nonetheless, the trail is in dangerous disrepair just below Signal Point. There are many signs of overuse and misuse along with plentiful graffiti. The trail just below signal point should really be closed until repairs can be accomplished.

off road driving
18 days ago

why is this marked with off roading?

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24 days ago

Its great