Today, my third attempt at this trail, I managed to complete this trail as an out and back in one day trip. This trail is hard as a point to point. It's not really 8.1. I think it's more like 8.8 one way. My latest attempt ended up being almost 18 miles total.

I ran into a couple with three kids in tow. I did not think to ask them if they knew the trails rating until I was on my way back from the other side. They were headed for Immodium and had realized how difficult the trail was by then. They were about 5 minutes away when they were going to give up. I told them how close they were and walked them over. Advising them they shouldn't stay too long as it would get dark on them soon.

If you see parents on these hard trails, with kids, stop them and make sure they know what they are getting into. These two had no idea and I feel bad for being single minded about my out and back to the point to where I let them pass me by without checking to see if they knew what kind of trail they were on.