we did a punt to point today. this trail is much longer than the listed 8.2 miles..... he prepared for a hard hike if u go here. the creek was super muddy today and the falls were meh... I am glad I checked this off my list. Not sure how soon I will be back. this trail kicked my butt and I just hiked my. leconte in the smokies in June. I dont advise taking small kids on this trail at all. unless u wanna carry them out.

Love love love the CT!

Wanted a trail not too far from Chattanooga with some water. Had an afternoon to kill and couldn't resist the temptation of a waterfall! Started at Heiss Rd around 2pm on a Sunday and finished around 8 (small gravel pull-off on the side of the road). A group was leaving as I started and only ran into 1 other person. The trails are blazed but no signage for miles and no indication of some of the loops/side trails. Study the map first. 2 beautiful shallow pools with cascades to cool off in within the first 0.5 mi. Loads of rhododendron and wild blueberries. I hiked to Imodium Falls - coming back was tough I won't lie! The elevation changes are dramatic. Not many overlooks, just beautiful woods. Loved hiking with the sound of Possum Creek in the background. Campsite looked pretty basic and a little walk to get down to the water. Heavy rain had washed out the trail in a lot of places and growth was crowding the trail (wear pants if you don't want things brushing up on your legs). Hiking against the backdrop of the giant stone walls was refreshing. And Imodium Falls is paradise! I'll be back for longer next time.

Today, my third attempt at this trail, I managed to complete this trail as an out and back in one day trip. This trail is hard as a point to point. It's not really 8.1. I think it's more like 8.8 one way. My latest attempt ended up being almost 18 miles total.

I ran into a couple with three kids in tow. I did not think to ask them if they knew the trails rating until I was on my way back from the other side. They were headed for Immodium and had realized how difficult the trail was by then. They were about 5 minutes away when they were going to give up. I told them how close they were and walked them over. Advising them they shouldn't stay too long as it would get dark on them soon.

If you see parents on these hard trails, with kids, stop them and make sure they know what they are getting into. These two had no idea and I feel bad for being single minded about my out and back to the point to where I let them pass me by without checking to see if they knew what kind of trail they were on.

Very nice trail, my wife and I did not have time to hike the full trail because of lack of time and other commitments. Lots of leaves on the trail some wet and slippery so use caution. The trail was well defined,however some of the blaze marking needs maintenance. Very nice views of the creek with the many small waterfalls. Had a great time hiking with my wife.

Great trail. Well marked and traveled. Plenty of water nearby. Beautiful rocks for climbing/rappelling. Easily found trailhead.

Nice trail, but not well blazed where you would it expect it most. Get a trail map online from the CT website. I'm 56 and not athletic, so I found the hill climbs difficult but doable. The rock steps were covered with leaves, uneven, and had some big step ups - but hey, at least it was natural. No one in camp - nice! Scenic with interesting rock formations. Easy water available. Should be on your must do trail list.

beautiful trail as is most of the CT. well maintained and the both campsites will accommodate a hammock or 4

11 months ago

My best friend and I did it today. It was a beautiful hike. We look forward to doing more of the CT.

Last week a couple of us did a through hike of Mowbray mountain to Sale Creek on the Cumberland trail. This is by far my favorite segment! I wish all trails would add the entire 34 mile segment into one map. This would be helpful to those of us who want to thru hike this segment.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Because I had a long drive I hiked in to the northern campsite, stayed there, then hiked to the waterfall and back out in the morning. I wish there were some sort of shuttle service to avoid the necessity of backtracking. I was solo and the park office assumed I would be part of a group with multiple cars. Portion of trail I did was not tough-- nothing as bad as the AT sections I did earlier this summer.

Some issues with trail markings at road crossings, and at the Retro-Huges road there is no indication of north/south at the trailhead, which would be helpful. I saw a blaze in the woods by the creek crossing (no bridge), where you are meant to follow the road, which was confusing. Also got confused about the trail at the concrete bridge, there is a T-junction and marking is nonexistent until you turn down the access road in the better maintained direction and eventually see a reflective marker indicating where you duck back into the woods. Definitely would love to see some better signage.

I was there on a Friday evening and had the northern campsite to myself. First time I've had a campsite truly to myself all year, wonderful!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Great hike, enjoyed a short weekend trip!

Friday, September 22, 2017

This trail had very little warmup time. Nice fall at the start, and then the up and down starts. Carb load before you start. I made it to the access road at 5.2 and got confused because I did no research. Alltrails map not entirely accurate. Look up trail info online before attempting whole trail. Gets confusing at road. Good place for filter, rather than taking water in. Part of the creek highly acidic due to strip mining. Again, research trail. Whole thing can be done in a day. I failed because I trusted app. Do not make same mistake.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Love this trail! One of the hardest in the area for how long and the steepness at time.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

great trail!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

a tough trail!!!!

Monday, April 03, 2017

Backpacked this trail one way with a bunch of friends on Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. Some nice hills and very nice water features. Of course the star attraction was Imodium Falls. Found a nice campsite near the only real un-bridged water crossing we had that fit all 12 of us quite nicely. Really liked the fact that we spent all of our short Sunday hike on pine needles.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

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