A really amazing hike. Could not recommend it any more highly! So many beautiful cliffs and rock formations. The view at the end is great. Definitely an easy hike if you’re just looking for a brisk one.

3 months ago

great easy trail with spectacular views. I've only hiked part of the new connecting trail (can't remember name) buy also spectacular. Although the Easy rating no longer applies.

too easy to be considered a hike. if you're looking for an easy walk, this is it.

Easy hike with awesome views. Lots of places to explore on the trail. The rock shelter with all the boulders was a favorite of our group.

Double back a little from the overlook and go down the steps into the canyon. Be sure to see the Killdeer Arch/ Mesas, you’ll still end up at Black house Mt Rd. Nice hike. About 3.5 mi. one way

Gorgeous view for minimal effort. Would wait a couple weeks for leaves to change for optimal hike.

11 months ago

If you go you must take the trail that goes down under the overlook to see all this area has to offer, so much more to see than just the view from the overlook,much longer hike but well worth it.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

This is another hidden gem. Well-graded, well-maintained, lightly-used, lovely woods. The overlook reminds me of Savage Gulf only smaller. There is a lovely bench on a rock shelf that invites you to sit and enjoy the woods awhile; I was trying to do it pretty quick, but I couldn't help but linger there a bit. It's also next to the Pickett-Pogue Astronomy Field.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017