Pinson Mounds, one of two state archaeological parks, is a special park, set aside to protect the prehistoric remains found there. Managed by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation's Division of State Parks, the Pinson Mounds grouping consists of at least 15 earthen mounds, a geometic enclosure, habitation areas and related earthworks in an area that incorporates almost 1,200 acres. Pinson Mounds is a national historic Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Great day hike

This park is great for walking and seeing some of the wildlife, but the biggest challenge was the climb up the steps to the top of Saul's Mound which is 72 ft. almost straight up. I was not able to do the Boardwalk due to it being closed from Dec. 1 to Feb 1, but I really enjoyed the quietness, the sound of nature and having the park to myself at this time of year.

Paved walk was about half the distance of the total area there. Little wild life or nature to been seen. Little elevations to it. Very easy, more of a nature walk than a hike. Grounds kept very nice and trail very well marked.

Easy hike with most of trail paved.

Nice, well-maintained walk/hike. Nice optional climb up on the highest mound in the park. The beginning and end of this trail is paved. I say it is about 40% of the walk. The rest is on a wooded trail that is very moderate in terms of incline. Wooden stairs and bridges have been built to make some inclines and streams easier. We enjoyed the boardwalk, which is an alternate route/side excursion that starts where the paved trail splits to the wooded portion of the nature trail. We went out on the boardwalk, but had to turn around towards the end as it was blocked for board replacement. Overall a very diverse and well-maintained trail. The drive from Hwy 45 out to the park is rather scenic. It has some of the most wide-open vistas I have seen in west Tennessee. We will definitely be back.

4 years ago

It was very nice hike !

Nice, easy hike that I have tackled several times. No real challenge, and very relaxing. Lots of Native American history associated with this trail.

5 years ago

We went in mid Summer when the bugs & heat were bad. O.K. hike

Hiked this trail a few times with my family. It's a nice trail and very easy for anyone with any hiking experience. It isn't open year round as this says, though, the sign at the trailhead clearly states that it's closed in the winter.

Nice trail for a family trip, elevation gains are minimal & there is a short boardwalk with a view of the Forked Deer River that my sons enjoy. I walked this trail frequently when rehabilitating a torn back muscle.