10 days ago

Hiked this with kids and my dad. I’m going to try to describe this the best I can. The first part of the trail is wide and well maintained. When you reach the first fork, going right leads to the upper falls overlook. Going to the left leads to the lower falls and the trail behind the upper falls. The trail becomes much more narrow and steep when going to the left. At a few places, some minor climbing is necessary. Eventually, you reach a sign that points to the left down a very steep, muddy descent to the lower falls. On the way to this sign, we passed a family coming back up. The woman had broken her wrist and sprained her ankle trying to explore the lower falls area. However, none of them were appropriately dressed or shoed for the hike. When we reached the sign, we decided to bypass this with the young kids because of the muddies and steepness. Heading to the right and behind the sign leads to the area of the trail that hugs gorgeous bluff walls and eventually makes its way down to behind the upper falls. We spent some time admiring the falls and proceeded to follow the “loop” trail. This is where the trail become extremely poorly maintained and difficult to follow. We tried very hard to find and follow the trail but it was impossible!! We ended up hiking back out the way we came. Once back at the first fork, the older child and I took the original “right” to the upper falls overlook. Overall, we enjoyed the hike, but parts were challenging. I was frustrated that we couldn’t do the loop. We did not see any wildlife although I was hoping for some snake sightings since we had been warned by so many people that the snake population was out of control.