This State Archaeological Park is dedicated to the preservation, protection, study and interpretation to the public of this significant survival of ancient culture. The park offers educational and entertaining programs, which increase understanding of the Old Stone Fort, archaeology, and Native American cultures. The museum includes exhibits that orientate the visitor to the Old Stone Fort and its setting, the hilltop enclosure mound sites broader significance and the culture of its builders. The 876-acre park also offers a variety of activities including fishing, camping and hiking. Old Stone Fort Golf Course is the only 9-hole course in the Tennessee Golf Trail. The course lies along the pastoral Duck River with mature trees encompassing each hole.

First trail in Tennessee. It was pretty easy for me, but there are a few places that could cause concern on footing. Went after a rain, so some slippery places. water falls are beautiful, the ruins are in good shape and a lot of history.

17 days ago

Great trails and very close to our home. Waterfalls are fun. Our male dog Tristan enjoyed his time during our visit in 2014

Honestly, I can't quite put my finger on why I found this hike so "meh," I just did. The weather was gorgeous, the trails were fairly empty (I went on a Monday), and the waterfalls were lovely, but I just didn't love this hike. It wasn't very easy to get down to the water for a closer view of the falls, and once I got down there, the paths were very narrow and the rocks were very slippery. I had my dog on a leash, and I was terrified she was going to make me fall, but I also worried about her getting too close to the edge of some parts of the path that were narrow and on the edge of the cliff. Im not sure I'd feel comfortable taking children on this hike for those reasons alone. Overall, though, it was a pleasant afternoon and I'm glad I went. I'm just not going to put this one at the top of my list.

Great beginners spot. Lots to explore, well marked trails. Beautiful small falls. Would return for sure.


2 months ago