The park was named for General Nathan Bedford Forrest, the intrepid Confederate cavalry leader, who on November 4, 1864, attacked and destroyed the federal supply and munitions depot at (Old) Johnsonville at the mouth of Trace Creek. His operations were concentrated along the river in the vicinity of the park and the town of Eva. In 1929 the park was dedicated to Nathan Bedford Forrest on land acquired in part from Benton County. Forrest was one of the greatest military tacticians and leaders of the American Civil War.

Mark Hopson pretty well summed it up. I took the 5 mile loop option and the trail was in good condition as of 12/2018. There is the 3/5/10/20 mile options as others have stated with a few stream crossings where you may get wet feet during spring or high water. This would make a great running trail for those so inclined. Personally, I would rate this trail an easy but moderate may be appropriate for those not used to the occasional steep incline.

3 months ago

Part of the trail is still closed down and the Museum/welcome center doesn't open until 1:00 on Saturday. The trail is decent though and I'll definitely give it another shot once the whole thing is reopened.

Enjoyed hiking this trail. Very well marked. It offers 3, 5, 10 & 20 mile trails.

Trail was maintained very well!! Will be back in the fall when the leaves are gone and less spider webs. The lady in the museum was very helpful and nice.

Trail starts out as easy to moderate till the steep grade around the 3.25 mile mark. Once the overnight shelter has been reached the trail widens to almost a Jeep style trail and would be rated as easy. The are a few blow downs along the way with easy traverse around. Would recommend using trekking poles to attack the multiple spider webs along the way. Ninja skills are a must. Lol. The trail has some nice views of the river early on with a few water sources down in the lower levels, there can be some slight muddy crossings depending on the previous rainfall over the last few days. The park keeps the gate closed and locked after dark and usually open before 8:00 ish in the am. This will prevent you from reaching the parking lot at the trailhead so plan accordingly. I plan on hiking again in the future to try out the more lengthy trail options the park provides. This particular trail head overs a 3,5,10 and 20 mile loop option with a variable amount depending on how you route your trip. Two overnight shelters are available to reserve both at different locations on the 5 mile and 20 mile loop option. Staff at the park are super nice and helpful. Makes a great place to log some miles

I followed part of the Old Johnsonville Trail and the Civi War Trail. A 0.6 mile section is closed down for an undetermined time due to rerouting the trails. Be sure to stop in the welcome center to get the map and they can mark off the section that is closed. The trails are marked well with blazes on the trees and anytime another trail intersects or a short cut is offered, there is a marking post that coincides perfectly with the map. One of the more accurate maps I’ve seen in awhile. Different civil war artifacts throughout the park and trails. Biggest bonus of this trail system is that nearly all of it is under the tree canopy but they also means you need bug spray. The map says the blue and red trails are difficult and they are not. The blue Trail is easy with moderate sections. The red trail is moderate with one short difficult section.

8 months ago

very well maintained trail system. I got 3.3 miles on my GPS. steep decline coming in is not to bad with switch backs. but coming up is rough. take plenty of water and a snack. good local trail.

my daughter and I hiked this trail today very nice 65 degree partly sunny spring afternoon . I am not an avid hiker and found this trail for me to be a little strenuous in spot's just putting that out there for the non to very little exercise people. There was one spot at the bottom of the first hill by the creek that was a little confusing on which way to go as all the rain had cut several trails thru so keep to the left side of the creek and you will be fine , otherwise nice little nature trail only encountered one other hiker and saw a few deer and a red fox will go back again with family.

Trails and some roads flooded. Be sure to go when it hasn't rained in a long time.

Great trail. You walk along water for majority of hike. Many distance options. I did the 5 mile loop.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Really enjoyed the hike would definitely do it again.

Hiked the 5 mile Pilot Knob Ridge and Hallmark Hollow Loop Trail and found it to be a very well maintained and marked trail. I agree with the rating of moderate and in parts easy. There was only one vertical climb to the shelter that was taxing but not difficult. The shelter was in very good condition. Very scenic views of Kentucky Lake in the beginning, then moving into the lower elevations. Plan to return and hike the longer trail and camp overnight at the farther campsite. 11/17/17

Monday, November 06, 2017

Fairly easy trail with one large incline. Trail was totally covered in leaves - was fun to follow. Autumn colors were great. Very secluded - didn't pass a single hiker the whole time! Would recommend.

We really enjoyed this trail. It was very clear and marked well. Brought the whole family, 2 adults, 1 15 year old, 1 13 year old and 1 7 year old. We all made it fine. It has some pretty steep climbs but no problem with a good pace. The stop on top of the largest hill about halfway is a great spot for a packed lunch and a rest. Definitely want to come back sometime.

There are 3,5,10,and 20 mile trail options. We did the 5 mile trail as we had other trails in the area to check out that day. It was a great hike with only one good sized hill. We started behind the museum, which is worth checking out. There was a nice shelter for camping about halfway along. I would definetly recommend this hike and would like to try the longer trails.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

very nice trail, lots of history and very little foot travel.

This is a beautiful park. Highest point in Western TN! We camped right on the lake and enjoyed hiking along the beach. My dog loved running along the lake and playing in the water. There was some trash so we did a clean up making hiking the next day even more fun. We took a ranger guided canoe trip the first day. The rangers were fun and knowledgable. The trails are well marked and have sweet views of Kentucky Lake. The lady at the museum store was most helpful, kind to my dog and provided me with a color coded trail map. Really a nice park!

Actually took the 5 mile hike. you can choose between, a 3, 5, 10, and 20 mile hike. The 5 mile was easy to moderate, with 1 good elevation change, ( 200 to 250 ft) right before the shelter. All of the trails start right behind the Interpretive center, witch is interesting in itself. Some great Civil War history, and facts and presentations about early life on the river. The lady working the interpretive center is related to General Forrest, and the park rangers are great. For a 52 year old part time hiker, like myself, you couldn't ask for anything more.

Monday, June 30, 2014

decent trail with some very nice views and great historical aspect. but the mosquitoes make it miserable. no amount of bug spray could save you

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