Montgomery Bell State Park is located seven miles east of Dickson in Dickson County. The rolling hills of Dickson County contain a treasure that was considered more precious than gold to the builders of young America. The treasure was iron ore, and it lured men by the hundreds to this area of Middle Tennessee. The site of the first Cumberland Presbyterian Church is located at Montgomery Bell State Park. The iron industry in Dickson County has been long silent, but the 3,782 acres that make up Montgomery Bell State Resort Park still show the signs of its presence. Near the remains of the Old Laurel Furnace, ore pits, where men once scratched iron ore from the earth, lie quiet and abandoned; the hardwood forest, once heavily cut to clear farmland and to produce charcoal for the iron furnaces, has slowly healed its wounds. Fox, squirrel, raccoon, opossum, deer and a wide variety of birds and wildflowers have returned to the forest, making Montgomery Bell a place of quiet natural beauty.

25 days ago

Good short hike for cub scouts, especially those covering the seven principals of leave no trace.

Fun with a 6 year old. A lot to learn!

1 month ago

We hiked this trail after a snow fall. It was beautiful in the woods. You don't feel like you are in the wilderness here, but you do have some great views, especially along the creek on the Northern section of the trail near Wildcat Shelter. All of the shelters are in good shape, but you are limited to Sheltering only. Tents are not allowed. Water runs by all three shelters. Hills are fairly continuous, but never too steep. We saw several day hikers and runners, but no other back packers the two days we were there.

The trail wasn’t very well marked in few places. People aren’t picking up dog poo on the trail. A couple miles of the trail are only 50 yards from a highway. The parts of the trail deeper into the woods and near the lake were really nice.

Pretty good trail without a lot of other people on it. We didn’t find it very difficult for a trail in the woods. It was very peaceful, the type of trail to bring a snack, sit down and enjoy the sounds of nature. (We did the 6 mile trail) There aren’t any breathtaking mountain top views but if you can find beauty in the small things it’s nice. The trails were clear and well maintained. I feel like we had no problem figuring out the trail we wanted to take. (We bought a trail map to take with us just in case but didn’t really use it for directions) Compared to other wooded trails I like this one because the woods are open enough that you can see around you. There’s a shelter and fire pit on the MB trail if you wanted to do the 10 mile trail and stay overnight. I don’t know if I would go again bc there are so many other trails in the middle TN area but it’s a nice day hike.

Slightly confusing. But still an awesome trail. Great for dogs!

Great trail. A little confusing as to where to pick up the trail. The park office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays which makes no sense.

3 months ago

Great hike with hubby and the dog...saw nobody else...varied terrain with some parts moderate from the roots and rocks but most was level...will def do again!

We walked through a couple partials of the trails. The trails were covered in leaves so we definitely had to pay attention to the markers. Overall it’s beautiful and i will be visit again to explore more. A great, peaceful, quiet hike close to Nashville.

There are multiple places to start this trail. I parked at the information center and walked across the street and started on the Wildcat Trail. This trail is the Montgomery Bell Trail then take the Creech Hallow Trail back to the parking lot. The full Montgomery Bell Trail is a little over 10 miles.
The hike is beautiful! Only mild complaint is that I don't like being able to hear the highway traffic. Weak ankles beware there are some rocky and rooty areas of this trail. I will hike this trail again in the future. Very pretty, very well maintained, and well marked.

MBSP is better for trail running than hiking. For a hike, driving this far out of Nashville I would have preferred less disturbances from trash, construction noise, lawn mowers, golf carts and passing motorists. Not many views to make up for lack of wilderness feel. I do love being on the trail but if I come back it'll only be for a run.

trail running
4 months ago

First ran the trail network at Montgomery Bell when participating in the Bell Ringer 50K trail run. Beautiful scenery and great terrain, definitely a place I will be running again!

4 months ago

I've hiking this trail a few times now and it's really not that bad. The hills can be a bit exhausting but honestly that's every hill. It's an amazing trail nonetheless. Beautiful wilderness. Wildlife every where. Can even begin to explain how many deer I've actually encountered on this trail. Absolutely beautiful and worth the hike.

When they say this trail is lightly used, they weren't joking. You're going to need a branch to wave infront of you to knock the cobwebs down. Forks in the path are not clearly marked. Take your GPS to keep from ending up in someone's cow pasture. I took a wrong turn somewhere and wound up going 7.8 miles. Don't know if I would bike this trail, but it was good for hiking, trail running, and spider fighting....

Only hiked in .6 of a mile due to rain and cranky 5 year old, but what scenery we took in was beautiful. Would love to come back to Montgomery Burns State Park for a longer visit.

8 months ago

Try an do the 10.5 trail every weekend love the creeks get to see a lot of wildlife,, have seen at least 5 deer on it each time also like doing the org pit trail, an spillway trail .

This is my stomping grounds .i love this trail .. It is as basic as a trail gets in Tennessee.. I would say it has moderate climbs up and down and the trail is well kept . Its plenty easy to get it done in a day trip for most any hikers at any level . I like to stay at the shelters along the trail often at night . They are as good as Iv see shelters on most park trails .nicer than most . They are grate for small group wanting to camp away from the camper area camping . Nice park and a nice trail .

10 miles on such a beautiful day!!!!! Love getting away from all the noise and enjoying nature like God intended!

Trails are easy, and park is well maintained.

Wonderful Sunday morning hike!

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