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over grown
1 month ago

It wasn't bad for my very first time out. I recommend it.

there's a tree blocking yellow trail between 1.25 and 1.5 mile markers on the yellow trail. it's only been a day or two but the yellow is the most popular trail out here. you could probably buy pass it if you crawl under it but if you're on a bike it's definitely a blockage. didn't work around it I would probably take the white trail around instead of using yellow for another day or three.

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bridge out
1 month ago

Great trail. There’s a few hazards so just be attentive. Back blue was rough (lost the trail a couple of times) and a bridge was out so there’s a water crossing. Water was low so it wasn’t bad.

Fast pace, nice weather, few bogs.

I don't consider this a hike, but more of a walk. The length can be stretched to around 12 miles by continuing on the trail north of Walnut Grove Road. It's virtually flat. You pass along the Wolf River which runs West/Northwest around the City. While mostly treed, you will observe an abundance of the invasive plant, privet.

I loved the trails here.

Very good hike. A little isolated but it did provide shade for the heat.

I went Tuesday and parked at the Wolf River Greenway parking lot (which has spaces for probably a dozen cars in total) and did north of Walnut Grove all the way around the NW lake north of the Greenline and back onto the trails past the Walnut Grove trailhead. By taking the trails North of Walnut Grove a hike and/or ride can be extended well beyond 7.4 miles. They are in decent shape but there is ample mud in some places where the drainage isn't good (which is mostly on the Blue trail East of WG and the white trail closest to Farm Road. That one is waterlogged and a bit of slog through mud for considerable distances and hard to maneuver without carving new paths.) One big caveat: If you are doing the full loop all the way out to I-40 and the Wolf River - the bridge crossing the inlet creek closest to I-40 is washed out and it's a full wet crossing. When I went, it was about knee deep for 15ft across. Trying to bike through it might be difficult. Horses wouldn't have an issue but hiking, running, or bicycling is - well, you're going to get wet. (The bridge is salvaged but two ends along with the metal cables broke so it might be a spell before it's repaired.) Snakes are out, especially north of Walnut Grove (neither were venomous but enough to give a small fright) and ample deer are out too, during daylight hours. If there is any rain, check the Wolf River gauge online to have an idea for flooding, especially along the White trail parallel to the Blue along with some additional crossings on the Blue and Yellow trails. One last bit: There is a spot on the yellow trail, west of the 1.5 mile marker where the trail is close to eroding off the bank. If you're trail riding or running, watching your step and/or wheel is advised. If you park at the Germantown Road trail head, there are bear-proof trash bins and a port-a-potty. There are also bear proof trash bins at the Kayak outlet onto the Wolf River at Walnut Grove.

Always love going west on the yellow and coming back on the blue or white.

trail running
Sunday, October 08, 2017

Great trails, I enjoy yellow the most because it’s right by the river.

Ya know... Was a solid outing! River was quite beautiful, but the swings were pretty scary el oh el. But seriously it was fun, and this could definitely be a trail for the entire family. Seems like an amazing place to ride a bike.

trail running
Thursday, July 06, 2017

Ran this trail to prep for my half marathon coming up. Decided to start about 7:30 am and finished about 9:15am. Note, if it's recently rained, save this one for a dry day. Loved it and will definitely come back, but we had to dodge quite a bit of water and mud. Also, I wouldn't do this in the morning as we also ran into a lot of spider webs since we were probably the first ones on the trail this morning. I would give it a 5 rating if the signage would've been better. We had to guess our way through it due to poor signage. We made it the full loop, but crossed over on sign trails along the way. Nevertheless, beautiful trail with some good elevation to train on.

Much of the trail and surroundings do not have trash bins at trailheads.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

White Trail was a bit swampy yesterday; all the other trails were fine.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Absolutely love this trail! It follows alongside the wolf river and is very peaceful. There are several scenic places to stop with "beaches". Trail is mostly dirt and sand. Hilly in some places. Trail is marked and easy to follow. I have leisurely hiked it, biked it and run on it. Occasionally encounter bikers but not usually a problem to step aside and allow them to pass.

Nice and easy trail. We had a little trouble figuring out where to park.

Nice, easy scenic trail. Great to bring the kids with you. Lots of connectors to make the trail as short or long as you want it.

Friday, September 02, 2016

Nice, easy, paved trail. Always well maintained. Good place to walk in the mornings. Pretty in the fall.

trail running
Wednesday, July 20, 2016

This is my go-to trail in the area. The yellow trail stays dry and follows the Wolf River. Lots of bikers, hikers, runners, and families use this trail. Really good for an easy, non-technical trail.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

This is one of my favorite places to walk my dog in. It's quiet and very beautiful. I like to stick to the paved areas here since mountain bikers tend to dominate the dirt.

Loved it! Nice clean path that is easy to follow. Keep an eye out for the bikers.

trail running
Monday, September 14, 2015

Love the trail i enjoy it more during the weekdays the trail is kind of busy on the weekend with bike riding activity so if you like to jog while you listening to your favorite music you need Stay on the right side of the trail and pay more attention to your left side from bikers passing by

Saturday, August 02, 2014

I had a nice morning hike out here. Sometimes it's difficult to tell which path you're on, but the paths are easy to spot. It was a little busy. Lots of trail runners. Still, for a nice nature hike on a Saturday morning, it's a great option

mountain biking
Friday, July 19, 2013

Overall pretty nice. Didn't exactly know where I was headed because no trails are really marked. But the trails themselves are very nice. Some inclines but mainly just curvy goodness. Definantly going out there again!

Like Jeff said there are 3 trails....wish there were a map on here that included all 3 and gave distances etc.

Awesome trails for a family day hike.

Trailhead is located just south of agri-center off Germantown rd at wolf river, and ends at walnut grove bridge over wolf river. This trail comprises of 3 seperate trails (yellow, blue, white trail). I take yellow trail which is more sandy, and follows along the bank of wolf river with nice views to super nice foot and bike bridge across wolf river approx. 2.5 miles down, then follow blue trail which is further inland and more muddy after rains back to trailhead for nice 5 mile loop. This trail is heavily used on weekends by runners and mt. bikers due to being practically in heart of the city!

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