Fairly strenuous hike straight up unaka mountain. Beautiful views of the balds up top though. Would definately reccomend.

Started at the gate at rocky branch,up to limestone cove trail, then in 1\4 mile connected with dark hollow connecter trail,in a few miles came to a crossroad, To left 3 1\2 miles to dicks creek gap and another mile to rock creek campground .To right 1\2 mile to sr 107 and north indain creek campground.

I took this hike thinking it would be a moderate 3.2 mile hike. Found out it has an elevation gain around 1,200 feet, so you're climbing up the majority of the hike. This is one way and the trail ends before the top but the top has amazing views. So if you go to the top it's a 7 mile hike total.

It started off sunny at 60 degrees and turned rainy and temps dropped to the 40s when I got to the trail end.