Easy hike for about halfway there, then the trail gets a bit vigorous. But definitely worth it. The view from above the falls is even better.

24 days ago

Great hike. The last mile and half was no joke. The scurry up the vertical section to the rim was unexpected but fun. Saw lots of coyote scat at the top, but no Bigfoot.

So much history! It's beautiful but beware the park ranger warnings- cougars, snakes, bears, ghosts and BIGFOOT

nice hike well marked

Beautiful hike, several falls, and all along a very pretty creek. The last pasty of the hike, the assent to the actual laurel falls, was fairly steep. Also, within the first .2 miles, before you arrive at the mine, there is a small trail that cuts off and up to the right, it takes you to another small waterfall, and some beautiful rocks. If you go further up these rocks there will be a cave, worth the small detour!

Great hike, I'll be coming back.

3 months ago

I used to go to school in Dayton and went hiking out here all the time. This is one of my favorite places to hike. Took the pup out there today for the first time. She had a blast. The weather was perfect for taking pictures of the waterfalls. I didn't go all the way up to Laurel or Snow with her. The bridge is out and you can either be creative trying to cross it or just cross the creek and didn't feel like dealing with it with Silver. They have water again now that it has rained some and was flowing pretty nice. Still down enough that getting to some places was really easy. Also they just added gravel to the drive in, which flattened out the potholes and made it a much better drive in than just a month ago.

4 months ago

The trail is gorgeous. My friend and I talked to a park ranger who knew the history of the area. He told us about the mine, which was closed down in 1920. He talked about the remains of the train track that runs through the park, which was used to haul the coal out. He talked about how Dayton used to get its water from the stream up there and that is why you'll see a large pipe in the ground on the trail. He also warned us of the snakes, cugars, bears, and mine ventilation shafts that would drop a hundred feet. But then he got to the real danger... Big Foot roams these trails. Yes, he really did warn us about Big Foot. It was enough to make my day.

The trail is definitely worth visiting. You'll probably get lost a few times, but it's worth it.

Really nice but dry from drought. Will go again in spring.

Was an absolutely beautiful hike:) so much history behind it as well!


Loved it. Very beautiful. Hiked through the dry bed more than anything. The path is on a reclaimed railroad for the coal mines. Lots of old artifacts, bridges, and mines.

Very long. Easy to get lost. But so worth it. Had a great time.