Hiked both 1/31/18. Laurel trail segment is well marked with white metal trail markers. The bridge is down, but the stream is easy to cross. Look for pink tape marked route 150 yards prior to the bridge leading to the logs. Snow falls segment is also clearly marked with painted white rectangles on trees. Recommend turning left at top to visit buzzard overlook, Just 15 minutes extra round trip. Dunn overlook is very scenic. To see the snow falls you must cross Morgan Creek. So prepare to get wet. Overall the hike is fantastic. Not strenuous, but if you do both 10+ miles.

Love this hike. Someone has remarked the trail which made it much easier to follow. Laurel Falls is something to see right now with all the ice. I would definitely not call this hard but at the top end of moderate.

1 month ago

beautiful and the kids loved it!

1 month ago

Long, moderate to strenuous hike. This was actually to Buzzard Point via the Snow Falls Trail. When you get up to the top where you walk between the two huge rocks, take a left and it takes you to Buzzard Point. Stunning views!

Well worth the hike after the easy part. Once you get past the downed bridge (man made tree trunk bridge available) the path is a bit difficult to follow at times. Steep descents on the way back down.

Hiked 12/31/17

well worth effort!! We've lived here for 10 years-- finally understood what everybody else was talking about it was 10 out of 10 Stars rocks and boulders the size of two-story buildings do yourself a favor and keep going past the easy piece it's well worth it

Absolutly beautiful hike. one of my favorites so far.

3 months ago

It was so beautiful. TONS of waterfalls and an abandoned mine shaft. I definitely explored that. So beautiful and I really liked it. Only problem was that the 50 foot bridge was gone due to a tree, so I had to climb a tree to get to the other side of the trail. Which means going over a river that's meant for white water rafting. BUT I still give it a 8/10, because it was so beautiful and the abandoned mine shaft.

3 months ago

This is a must-see trail, especially now that the trees are turning. Make sure to follow the trail all the way to the dirt road where you take a left for buzzard point for unbeatable views of the valley!

A great trail! Bridge is still out, but used two trees that were laid down in order to cross. Visited the Falls after heavy rainfall and it was spectacular. Some slippery rocks and steep descents but overall a non-strenuous hike.

Great hike!
- Easy to lose the trail in a few spots.
- 3.5' trail width with steep drop in several areas.
- not ideal for kids who need support (13+ recommended age, unless experienced)
- Plan trip with plenty of time. Most of trail lays between two ridges so dark sets in a little earlier.

- also good spots for: camping, backpacking, rappelling, climbing.

does anyone know if the bridge is still out?

Beautiful trail, but very hard to follow. Markers and trail are not marked properly. No water hardly at the falls.

is the bridge still out?

Really nice from start to finish.

Moderately hard trail, not for the inexperienced hiker. The trail markers are more of a general guide, if you can find them, as well as the marked trail on the app. We got lost plenty of times along the way and had to search repeatedly for a trail to get us there, but if you're up for a strenuous hike it's worth the view at the end!

Absolutely beautiful!

What a beautiful and interesting place. Besides the scenery there are all kinds of things to explore. There are lots of architectural elements that are really cool. Bridge remains and tunnels. I would highly recommend. Easy trail to explore.

Defenetly worth the time. I loved the view when you get to the point. It will take about 1 hour 30 - 2 hours depending on your experience. Its got some nice swimming sports my favorite is hidden near the bridge. I usually go there every weekend sence its 5 minutes away from my home.

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