Great ride. For every down hill, there's an up hill! Perfect for cruising with a slight workout

10 months ago

Beautiful Walking Path with easy access and great location. I stopped here on a Tuesday during my lunch and walked 2.48 miles in and out in roughly 45 minutes. Easy trail, wide paved pathway and wood walkways over water areas. Very clean and well kept.

The access to this was hidden, my GPS directed me into the Kohls Store parking lot and the trail entrance is at the end of the parking lot. Lots of parking and trash cans located at the trail head entrance. I entered the trail to the right. The trail goes next to the River and has mixed residential, commercial, school and wild lands on the right side of the trail. Very easy trail with mixed use of walkers, bicycles and runners. Very family friendly, on a Tuesday several families out walking and fishing with spots with easy river access from the trail.

Only thing that could make this better: There were three piles of dog poop on the path and several blue doggy bags left on the trail. It is great to have a spot that people can bring their pets but people need to pack out trash and not leave trash behind. If your dog poops on the path please be courteous enough to pick up and bag it then carry it out to the trash container.

Close by and well taken care of.

The perfect place for a run

Quiet time. Please remind dog walkers that dogs have to be leashed. As much as I'd love to take my shep off leash there are many people that do t like dogs that use those people as examples of removing dogs from parks. Just remind those that you see. If you don't like saying something, get used to going to parks without your dogs