Great for scooters

Excellent place to ride a bicycle

It’s a legit place to get some exercise/workout done!!

Remarkable & magnificent. Thank You.

3 months ago

This was a nice, mostly shaded walk through the woods. It's pretty hilly, though it is paved and easily accessible. There's not a lot of parking, but not many people seem to use this trail so it's never a problem.

Good for a run or bike ride.

Great walk today.

This is a little slice of heaven in the middle of the city. It runs along Stones River and is paved so anyone can walk it. Lots of beauty to see and very enjoyable walk. Loved it!!

road biking
10 months ago

Ride or run

Excellent trail , scenic views , enjoyable .

lots of secret places to go. my go to 2-3x a week.

Great ride. For every down hill, there's an up hill! Perfect for cruising with a slight workout

Nice walking trail.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Beautiful Walking Path with easy access and great location. I stopped here on a Tuesday during my lunch and walked 2.48 miles in and out in roughly 45 minutes. Easy trail, wide paved pathway and wood walkways over water areas. Very clean and well kept.

The access to this was hidden, my GPS directed me into the Kohls Store parking lot and the trail entrance is at the end of the parking lot. Lots of parking and trash cans located at the trail head entrance. I entered the trail to the right. The trail goes next to the River and has mixed residential, commercial, school and wild lands on the right side of the trail. Very easy trail with mixed use of walkers, bicycles and runners. Very family friendly, on a Tuesday several families out walking and fishing with spots with easy river access from the trail.

Only thing that could make this better: There were three piles of dog poop on the path and several blue doggy bags left on the trail. It is great to have a spot that people can bring their pets but people need to pack out trash and not leave trash behind. If your dog poops on the path please be courteous enough to pick up and bag it then carry it out to the trash container.

Close by and well taken care of.

The perfect place for a run

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Quiet time. Please remind dog walkers that dogs have to be leashed. As much as I'd love to take my shep off leash there are many people that do t like dogs that use those people as examples of removing dogs from parks. Just remind those that you see. If you don't like saying something, get used to going to parks without your dogs

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Loved it!!!!

Good place to go for a walk or run

I'm not sure why this is rated as moderate. It's entirely paved and aside from a few hilly areas it's a rather easy stroll/ride/etc. I've biked it a couple of times and it's always a pleasant ride, although a little busy some days. This greenway is particularly nice because it goes all the way to Two Rivers Park a few more miles down then connects to the Shelby Bottoms greenway in East Nashville over a pedestrian bridge near Two Rivers Park (which also has disc golf and a skate park). The trail marking on the map on this page ends before Lebanon Road, but if you keep going you pass by a beautiful little section under trees by the river and then past a few cow pastures and you can see where the Stones River meets the Cumberland River.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

nice easy walk....was a bit more crowded that I was expecting for this late in the season...

trail running
Sunday, April 28, 2013

Paved. This trail has been connected to shelby bottoms and two rivers park and can go 18 miles + out and back.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

paved, good for biking and walking. lots of trail heads to access along stones river. never kayaked but have seen many people do so when the water level is up after a particularly heavy rain. river is terraced, so watch out if you kayak.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

busy paved way goes along the river...the other up past a golf course and down through some farmland...which is now going to be a park as well.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Starting out at Percy Priest Dam, this trail almost religiously follows the Stones River as it eeks its way from the lake out to the Cumberland River. The trail is completely paved and starting off it is very well shaded with native vegetation. On this spring day pockets of yellow and purple wildflowers lined the asphalt path.

About halfway through the trail theres a long bridge that hugs the ravine along the river. From this bridge we were able to see dozens of fish in the clear water lazing their way along the riverbed. We also spotted a crane and a family of turtles getting ready to take a plunge into the water. This out-and-back trail also borders quite a few homes, so you never quite get that lost in nature vibe, but it is a nice afternoon outing.

trail running
Sunday, April 22, 2012

This is a paved path that is good for walking, running*, biking, skating, taking the kids out, walking the dog. I wouldn't call it a hiking trail at all, though it does run through woods along a river. It's well-maintained and relatively level, with a few respectable but not grueling inclines, the most significant being between 1.5 and 1.75 miles.

*I selected "trail running" because it was the option on the list that closest matched what I did. I ran the entire path there and back (6.0 miles) but would not consider it trail running.

This trail is a very nice urban trail, one that can be done in sections if you are visiting the music city. We walked sections of it this past New Year's eve with perfect weather to help.

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