Lovely trail with a few small waterfalls. Lush greenery and cute bridges. The color of the water at the falls is a beautiful shade of blue.

Great water spots, cave and scenery. Some tougher areas to maneuver, due to rocks and roots, with little ones.

I literally don't know what to tell you about this trail. I'm a month shy of 39, smoked for 25 years, and have been quit 2 months.

One of my aims after quitting was to test my abilities now that I can breathe. This led me to trails like the Window Cliffs, GSD to Laurel, even doing 14 miles in Long Hunter doing 5 trails in about 5 hours. I have also done gizzard-raven-doghole loop. So I'm good to 3mph plus and then some including breaks. Hell I even did 3 miles barefoot in my neighborhood to toughen my old, barely walk in grass, feet.

That being said, I thought I was kind of prepared for this.


Having done the Gizzard before, I knew what to expect. The thing is though, I talked to one of the Rangers and he said the 8 mile from Foster to the Gizzard was kinda not that scenic. Which is completely correct, barring Foster Falls and a spot here and there. Let me mention as an aside, I'm unnaturally good on rock and besides going off course every once in a while, I skitter through there like my a$$ is on fire. With the exception of the ascent at the end of it.

I thought not scenic=easy. WRONG AGAIN! What I encountered after Raven was nothing less than human torture in the form of two immediate and consecutive down and back ups sponsored by Stone Staircase. (I'm working on the trademark for that)

After that it leveled out a bit. I feel like I'm missing something. Oh yeah! Hamstring cramps started around mile 6. Squats helped, but the damage was done. Eventually went away and shortly thereafter replaced by Quad cramping. During both of these episodes I had real fear that I might be that guy you hear about getting "saved" on the trail.

Thankfully I was able to power through. I missed the Falls because I was afraid that my leg issues might prevent getting back up.

All in all, I feel like this trail is a test. Both physically and mentally. There are times you may regret not taking the dog hole back. Probably even regret starting the whole hike at least once.

I would not recommed this for beginners, or for anyone who hasn't considered the risks involved. I went solo, and I do not recommend that either. Bring plenty of water, and don't forget your big girl panties. You're going to need them for this one.

Did this one a few weeks back. It was somewhere in the low 90's in July. So yeah, I became a sweat beast. The pint of rum the night before at the civilized camp at Foster probably didn't help the sweating issues. LoL.

I have to say that top 25 rating is well earned. I have never been so happy to scramble over rock in my life. It was like a choose your own adventure book, sponsored by rocks that couldn't make it into heaven.

I was in Nike running shoes (yeah, I know, I had to get rid of my Guide tennie because too much wear). Thankfully I'm good on rock, so no big deal.

I have never seen beautiful rock. Like, ever. Until now anyways. It's all worth it. The Gizzard lives up to its reputation and when you get to Raven's Point, you'll understand. I feel like the Point is a reward for completing the hard part of the Gizzard. The rest of the full trail, and this is according to one of the Rangers, is a long, kind of meh, 8 mile trek. I haven't done it yet, so I'll reserve judgment.

I will soon be doing the full trail, end to end, on a hot August weekend. I kind of want to do the 8 miles first and then test my mettle on the Gizzard, but I haven't made up my mind yet. Any Gizzard vets out there can feel free to message me on the lunacy implied by what I'm thinking of doing.

We followed everyone's suggestions and started at the north side of the trail very early and it was nice and cool temperature for the first 1/3 of the hike. It was a great loop- at the split I definitely suggest doing the easy part (dog trail) first out to ravens point and then coming back down by the river if you like walking on bowling ball-like rocks! Many waterfalls and such a great hike!

16 days ago

I have been hiking the gizzard trails for 30 plus years and it's beautiful & always amazing. I

This was a full afternoon excursion. Definitely wouldn't want to go for it on a hotter day. A little something for everyone. Great views, waterfalls, and elevation changes! Once we got to the farthest point there were a few large trees down on the trail- we had to use common sense and the map to get back to the trail. Great work out!

Great views, a few rough areas walking over roots and rock, but easy even for this 51 year old amateur. Very busy on a Saturday, but most seemed to be taking the short route clockwise to the falls instead of the full route counterclockwise as I did. My favorite trail so far!

An excellent hike with views of 5 waterfalls (see photos), overhangs, and old growth hemlocks. The trial follows the river and along the way are numerous small falls but pretty ones nonetheless, with accompanying swimming holes. The forest is cool and dark! A caution, though, don't wear sandals and don't think you can fly over this trail despite its shortness; most of it is very rocky and full of roots...it takes its own time!

Hiked this trail from foster falls all the way to Tracy city on 07/09/17. Had someone pick us up to take us back to our vehicle at the end of the trail. Took my children and my grand baby. Yes we hiked with an 8 month old on our backs by taking turns. He was a gem the whole way. I'm 36, my oldest is 18 (the mom of baby) then had my 14 y/o and 12 y/o. It was definitely a very hard trail but worth every step. Took us a little longer because we had to be extra careful carrying a little one in a backpack carrier but I would definitely do this trail again. The views are breathtaking. So many waterfalls to see! Coming out of the gorges were the hardest but uphill with steps and rocks would be. Didn't matter, take that camera! You won't be disappointed. Don't forget extra water and food. Many good places to stop and take a break and eat lunch or a snack.

Absolutely loved it! We took our 6 year old and everything was doable!

We hiked it on 7/15/17. We arranged for a shuttle to leave our vehicle at the Foster Falls trailhead and to drop us off at the Grundy Forest trailhead ($5 A person was well worth it). The first 1.5 miles was easy going but then the boulder fields started. This part if the trail will work your ankles, calves and quads nonstop. The trail went on like this for about 2 miles and then it turned into switchbacks up and down the gorges for 1.5 miles or so. This was a very challenging few miles and it was good to get it knocked early on with fresh legs and cooler morning temperatures. We had a few miles if relatively easy walking until we hit the last ravine which was one if the harder climbs right at the 10 mile mark. After this it was all easy walking high above the river below and past many waterfall tops. The hike was gorgeous, well worth the toll on the body. The many falls made it very unique and we were lucky to have so much water flow in July. Bring lots of water, carbs and proteins, and wear mid or upper hiking shoes to protect your ankles on the rocks.

The trail was changed about 18 months ago and is 13.4 miles now with an extra gorge or two to mess with. The track shown on this page is off a little but if you just follow the signs and the white trail markers you will be fine.

1 month ago

beautiful! waterfalls everywhere, mossy and shady, just amazing.