Amazing hike with breathtaking views every two steps. Save time to just look. Didn't think we were going to be able to go as there was a 45 minute "pop up storm". The trail had pools of water to walk around but it gave everything a clean feel with a lush green glow. The only thing to be warned about is there are a number of rocks you are climbing on/over/around and were they slippery! We were fine but again, need to take it slow. I would not recommend for families with small children, bad knees or old shoes. :)

One of the best day hikes in TN. Crystal clear blue holes, breathtaking waterfalls, and mossy serenity make for a definite hidden gem.

23 hours ago

For an "uphill first" mentality, do this loop counter clockwise. Our group went clockwise.

East half: BEAUTIFUL, relatively easy. Would make for a rewarding, easy/moderate out-and-back to Raven's point.

West half: VERY ROCKY (1-2 ft rocks everywhere, many were jagged and unstable), hard to walk on, noticeably more difficult to find trail markers. Still had some neat views of rock formations towards the end, but plan on being really slowed down here. Would be *really* easy to twist an ankle on this side.

We started with the east side of the trail to Raven's point--it was beautiful, relatively well-marked, and the trail was pretty smooth. However, after hitting Raven's point, we took the west side of the trail (completing the loop) and it was full of huge somewhat jagged rocks. Walking on them was very difficult and required a bit of light climbing in some areas. For us it was even worse because the rocks were mossy and wet, making them very slippery, especially with muddy shoes. Lost the trail a few times, and service was a little patchy on that side, so download maps beforehand. We didn't plan on the slowdown from walking on the rocks and ended up getting back after dark because of it, which wasn't a giant deal--just wish I had done more research on how difficult the west side of the loop was!

Beautiful, sound of rushing water the whole 2 mi. Rough ridge walk, but short and scenic.

My favorite loop trail and a favorite in general!! You can't go wrong with this trail. It follows the Fiery Gizzard creek, so you have gorgeous views of the babbling creek and several waterfalls. There are also 3-4 blue holes for swimming. There are plenty of places to stop and just enjoy sitting along the water, so pack a nice picnic and make it a day. This trail's rating recently changed here from easy to moderate, which was necessary. This trail contains some narrow passes and steep spots where you need to be sure footed. Nothing challenging for most, but I saw a family there Labor Day weekend with their elderly grandmother and she was having trouble making it the whole way. I am glad the rating changed to reflect a more accurate difficulty level. Lastly, they cut a new trailhead about two weeks ago. The wildlife are still adjusting, and on my last outing a perfectly camouflaged baby copperhead was laid out across the trail. He quietly moved along when shooed. Don't be too concerned, just be vigilant on this part of the trail til the critters get used to it. Enjoy this amazing place!!

Incredible views and beautiful falls. Lots of rocks! Sycamore Falls is worth it.