I suggest starting beside the picnic tables at the trailhead, here you will begin the trail for half a mile before finally reaching the creek. Once you arrive at the creek, you never leave it! This trail is rewarding, I highly suggest taking a dip in one of the five swimming holes! This trail is amazing!

This is a short 2 mile hike and is pretty easy to do. I wouldn't recommend small children since the trail narrows in a few places with steep slopes. Beautiful scenery filled with small waterfalls and the largest Hemlock trees you'll ever see!

Great trail with several small waterfalls,swimming holes,and a nice big rock overhang about 25ft deep and 75-100ft long. The have 4 backcountry campsites(if you can call them backcountry but definitely more private than KOA LOL)within about a half mile of the parking lot(trail exit side) for anyone who wants to camp privately but still be within a short hike to the car just in case.

Wow...we loved this trail. Be sure to add a little bit to the trip by hiking up the fiery gizzard trail for less than a mile to see sycamore falls as well. There has been rain recently, so the falls are flowing nicely. We stopped to swim in several little holes, all of which were clear and cold and refreshing. Such a gorgeous area!

nice views

Love the views throughout the hike. So far, it is my favorite.

This trail is absolutely amazing! It has many gorgeous little waterfalls and places to swim along the way. It is definitely challenging, which is one thing I love about it. It is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

Great scenery is not in short supply on this trail. Personally speaking I think going ccw is the harder option, the opposite of which we did, but the harder summit trail is definitely ccw. Will definitely hike this trail again and try to make our way to the foster falls area.

It is a moderate trail with loose rocks copious roots and some unstable areas. Wear appropriate footing and be prepared to climb significant stone inclines.

We just completed this trail and I have to say it was incredible. The trails are marked very well and the work put into making some of the steep trails passable are incredible. It has more waterfalls in the 13 mile stretch than any trail I ever hiked. It isn't a trail for a beginner thinking it will be an easy stretch. But the effort is well worth the views you will see. Great trail and I know for certain I will be back.