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This hike was wonderful! It was a little long for our 5 year old but he still had a good time. So many different creek views! It was like something out of a postcard around every turn! Towering rocks, running creeks and fall leaves all around!

Trail is beautiful! It is marked well. It has several waterfalls ...they are not huge but still nice! There are swimming holes, rock formations, big trees to keep it shaded in hot weather. The path is full of roots and rocks so you have to watch where your walking constantly...... so don’t forget to stop and take in the scenery because it’s awesome! We took the spur trail to Sycamore Falls which seems longer than it actually is because of all the rock hopping but worth it! We didn’t go to the base of the falls ... it looked like you may have to cross the creek to get to where we would have liked to be ...planning on coming back in warmer weather. Anyone would love this trail, but you do have to pay attention to each step you take, there are some narrow rocky paths with drop offs so just be careful and enjoy!

Angela Jones and I had hiked over 10 of 13 miles at Fiery Gizzard yesterday before realizing that we were not gonna make it out before dark. We never thought it would take us that long but there were miles and miles of huge rocks we had to climb over so it took way longer. Last minute prep we bought these cheap little headlamps(lesson learned)which gave us just enough light to make sure we didnt fall off a cliff, in many places the trail was on the edge of a drop off, but it didnt give enough light far enough to see the markings on the trees.

Fantastic hike. The kids loved every minute of this one.

Great easy trail, lots of shade and several waterfalls to dip into.

Started in the trail at 8 am with full packs on an 80+ degree day. The first several miles of the trail were beautiful and peaceful. Light broke through the trees while walking along a stream. Next we began the boulder portion of the trail ( my least favorite ). It was hard to view the scenery due to constantly watching where you had to place your footing. We were moving at a mile per hour.
Once we passed the boulders we came to Ravens point which was awesome. We stopped for lunch and took in the views. Several other hikers were there and we all swapped stories of different trails we had taken in the past. Our next portion of the hike was the newer sections, the ups and downs of the stairs. Wow what a beast of trail on the legs. After we completed this section the trail began to smooth out and we were able to pick up our pace as we were worried about not reaching camp till after dark. We were able to get to Father Adams campsite just before dark and enjoyed a great meal then turned in for the night. This trail
Is amazing and I would recommend it as one of my favorites. I had been wanting to hike this trail for years and am finally able to check it off as completed.

Great trail to day hike. About 5 hours return, up the Fiery Gizzard and down the Dog Hole. Lots of rock scrambling which made it fun and a good steep climb out of the gulch (but it’s not too long a climb). Beautiful scenery walking alongside the stream. Nice views from Ravens Point. Interesting how much the temp changes from down by the stream to up on the ridge. Loved it.

17 days ago

Beautiful trail. Waterfalls and cascades all along the way. We went after a good rain and everything was just stunning. Trail was well-marked and maintained. We did the extra bit to Sycamore Falls and partway up Fiery Gizzard, which had us at about 5-5.5 miles total. Hiking boots or other sturdy shoes are needed since the trail is rocky with exposed roots. Such beautiful rock formations and the trees are massive. This has to be the prettiest trail I've hiked so far. I will definitely be back!

Most beautiful trail I've ever hiked.

The bolder field with test you. Best to wear boots. The climb out of the gulf is steep. Be ready.
I love this trail and the complete Fiery Gizzard Gulf.
Pack water.
The view from Ravins Point is something you will remember!
Don't forget to stop by Warner's Overlook on the Dog Hole Trail.
Thi is part of the top 25 trails in the US and it's easy to see why. If you agree please donate to the parks to help keep it alive. And pick up any trash you find. I did find some to carry back myself.
I will be back!

this trail is TOUGH. My dad and I went hiked the Gizzard trail up to the point where you can go back down the Dog Hole trail. 75% of the trail going up is straight rocks so be sure to wear shoes with A LOT of ankle support because every 30 seconds your ankles are going to be tested by nature. It is a very challenging, long hike so if you plan to make the whole loop so just prepare yourself. The trail itself is beautiful but because of how difficult it was, i’m not sure if i’d ever do it again. It took us 7 hours to make the whole thing and we only stopped 2 or 3 times to rest. Also, having a walking stick is big help going up those rocks. We just cut our own sticks from inside the woods so don’t waste your money buying one. Good luck!!

LOVE this little hike. It's a crowd-pleaser for sure. We did it Saturday in the rain and again Monday in the sun. We hiked the day loop and added the 1.2 miles round trip to Sycamore Falls. I definitely recommend starting by going right, which puts both of the waterfalls at the end of the hike when you could go for a sit/swim/some cheese and crackers. Plan on swimming at Sycamore Falls. It feels amazing! The only folks who wouldn't enjoy this hike would be the very young (<5-6) or very old as there are many roots to watch out for and a very brief trek across some rocks/scree.

We went Labor Day weekend 2018 and just did the short loop with all the smaller falls... we took kids ages 6-10 and they had a great time jumping in the water and hiking. Safety first: my husband got in the water first and made sure what the depth was before the kids jumped!
Beautiful trail! So peaceful and was fun for the kids as well! We just did a shorter loop 4miles or so...

Awesome...We know why it is one of the USAs top hikes

Most scenic and peaceful trail I've ever hiked.

1 month ago

August 5th
What a great trail. I made some changes and ended up with 4.5 miles and 480 feet elevation climb.
nice waterfall. you can get about a mile down the Fiery Gizzard before you run into the trail construction. should be open Sept 1 the ranger told me.
Looking forward to the 13 trip to Foster.
NOTE the app has the Dog hole as a 2 mile out and back. not so it is a part of the raven point trail loop with the Fiery Gizzard. Well worth the trip.

This was a beautiful hike I took with my 16 year old son and 50 lb dog. We went in the morning so we could finish the trail well before sunset, so started about 9 am. I am so happy I consulted all trails before going, because some other reviewers mentioned that they didn’t bring enough water. I took 108 oz split between our backpacks, and we drank it all. Other reviews mention a section which has large jagged rocks, and that it would be easy to twist an ankle on those. I second that. Hiking boots strongly encouraged.

Our hike was last year, and I can’t wait to hit this trail again in the fall.

very cool and gorgeous trail. very difficult at times. Definitely a quad and glute workout with all the steps. waterfalls are amazing

2 months ago

Great trail but it's closed past Sycamore Falls which was only around 2 miles in. Looking forward to going back after the gas line has been repaired.

Most of the trail is meh, the falls are great. Be sure to keep going back until you see the large drop off that’s impassable.

2 months ago

We love this trail but be careful this trail can be difficult make sure you have the proper foot gear on and bring water and a snack. There a lot of Kool pictures to be taken on this hike so you might be stoping a lot. When we there a women fell off the side of the trail about 2 stories down into the creek. EMS had to come and get her some of the trail is a little thin on the way to the falls. And she will be ok broken ankle and wrist. But this is a good opportunity to say hiking is fun but be prepared for the worst : )

Actually backpacked this last summer. We brought our dog and I would recommend staying on the top of the ridge to ravens point if you’re hiking from sycamore falls. Hiking into the valley is quite treacherous with all the boulders, especially for a dog.

great hike

Great trail, but difficult for older and beginners. Enjoyed it!!!

Slipped over for a walk after work. I never tire of walking this loop. Only takes a little over an hour or so, well worth the time. In the summertime, the stretch along the creek is probably 10-15 degrees cooler than the trailhead. One of the prettiest spots in the area.

This trail is perfect during the spring for wildflower spotting. It is short, but it does have an incline.

Peaceful walk in the wood with so much to see in such a short loop

Beautiful hike. Lots of rocks and roots though-wear appropriate footwear. Will definitely be back!

I would rate it a little more than moderate due to the rocks, roots and narrowness of the trail. but it's very scenic with nice waterfalls and swimming holes

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