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The Great Smoky Mountains, part of the Appalachian Mountains, have a wide range of elevations, making them home to over 400 vertebrate species, 100 tree species, and 5000 plant species. Hiking is the park's main attraction, with over 800 miles (1,300 km) of trails, including 70 miles (110 km) of the Appalachian Trail. Other activities are fishing, horseback riding, and visiting some of nearly 80 historic structures.

Not a hike but a nice water fall if not a bit overcrowded. Soco Falls nearby is better although also not a hike.

14 hours ago

Loved this trail! There are some peekaboo views of the mountains throughout and it's pretty rugged and fun to hike. The summit is the best!

17 hours ago

19 hours ago

A good workout for sure, and great views all along the way. One of my favorite trails, but certainly not for beginners!

We hiked this trail to return to our car at the Rainbow Falls parking area after a great hike and evening atop Mt. LeConte. The section between the Grotto Falls parking area and Grotto Falls was a zoo, even on a Monday. But once we got on the trail that parallels the one-way Roaring Fork Motor tour, it was pretty much just us. The falls were absolutely beautiful and the quieter section with some gentle ups and downs between the parking areas featured some deer and pileated woodpeckers! The Rainbow to LeConte to Trillium back to the Rainbow parking area is a great loop.

22 hours ago

We went the week after Father's Day in June and the Flame Azaleas were a spectacular sight in peak bloom

Roaring Fork Auto Tour is a nice one-way drive starting just after the Rainbow Falls trailhead with pullouts to enjoy waterfalls, historic sites, views, rhododendron and other flowers and plants, and places to just chill and get back to nature. We saw evidence of the Gatlinburg fires and saw rejuvenation as well. We visited a roadside tub mill where they used to grind corn into meal, as well as a medium waterfall called the Place of the Thousand Drips. Saw a deer as well as some wild turkeys, and later on some pileated woodpeckers - three of them! Enjoy the ride and don't forget to stop and experience GSMNP.