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The Great Smoky Mountains, part of the Appalachian Mountains, have a wide range of elevations, making them home to over 400 vertebrate species, 100 tree species, and 5000 plant species. Hiking is the park's main attraction, with over 800 miles (1,300 km) of trails, including 70 miles (110 km) of the Appalachian Trail. Other activities are fishing, horseback riding, and visiting some of nearly 80 historic structures.

Did it today, was very icy still at top need micro spike to make it to Leconte
Took us 7 hours
Not bad hike I rate as moderate, then last mile is tough otherwise was not bad
Great views whole way

Super easy hike. Great for kids or elderly. Fun creeks in the area. “Bob’s house” along the loop reminds people not to vandalize on National Park property!

20 hours ago

Super easy hike. Great way to get from town to the Sugarlands visitor center and Great Smoky Mountain National Park area. Follows a very clear river.

Nice wide trail.

Beautiful muddy hike today!! Mud then muddy ice.....now just ice! We didn’t bring ice shoes or spikes which were most definitely needed for this hike today. We are coming back this summer to play so more! Well worth the hike!

I think it was a moderate instead of an easy. We had a blast but lots of breaks.

scenic driving
3 days ago

This is my favorite stretch of road in the world. Breathtaking views everywhere and trails all along the road. Watch out for turkey and elk.

Beautiful trail

Amazing view!!! The hike to the top was steep and for the out of shape (me) it was difficult but completely worth it! Had to take a hand full of breaks along the way. Trail is very well maintained. Some sections have stairs but I found them more difficult going up and for coming down was much much quicker. Jog back down due to the incline. The top is VERY steep ledge and only the really steady and brave should climb. It took everything I had to do it without chickening out. Took few hours to complete. Trail wide enough it was comfortable meeting people. Great experience lots of beautiful pictures. Make sure you have good shoes and a backpack with water and snacks.

One of
The best hikes I’ve ever done in my life

Good place to get an introduction to GSMNP. Not really a hike, more like an aggressive nature walk, unless you continue beyond the falls.

Great for kids, just watch out around the cliffs and falls.

beautiful! it was co eres with snow and ice.

6 days ago

Went right after the first snow in December, 2017. While I did not enjoy all the steps, (rather would just walk up if possible), once at the Falls, all I could do was be in awe! Well worth the stairs!

Clingman's dome winter hike has been a long awaited bucket list hike and it was certainly a challenge. The trail resembled a frozen creek bed. Ice was extensive and thick through nearly every step. I brought poles but did not bring crampons. The path gives way to the ridge line and the inclines are steep and are all the more slow and treacherous covered in ice. There are no views on the AT until you reach the dome which was surprising since the bare trees didn't reveal more of the surrounding area. However, having the dome all to myself made it completely worth the trouble. I shouted into the wind in triumph on the highest point in the park with blissful solitude. Taking Dome Rd back to NFG due to time constraints, I was treated to more views of the North Carolina mountains.

If you are interested in this unique winter hike poles and crampons are highly recommended. Be sure to call park services for information regarding road closures. There was no information on the website that NFG rd was closed and fortunately opened late at 11:00am. This is a long hike and daylight was a concern because of the late start.

If your not use to hiking, then take it super slow... I am not in shape and it took me 1-2 hours to climb up. Also be prepared for steps!! The view is worth the climb!!

Nice trail. Once you get past the elevation, it's easy. I went after a storm there was trees down. It's nice that the trail is paved. Amazing views!! Becareful around the waterfalls.

Chose this hike for easy access in winter and it didn’t fail. The drive in is gorgeous. The hike is a very scenic and enjoyable hike, the Falls was awesome and not so much traffic that we was able to spend some quiet time at the falls.
Great hike and very much recommend for all skill levels.

What a fun trail! I had to return before reaching Mt Leconte due to completely iced over trail and being poorly equipped. The bluff area is beautiful and this is a challenging trek with great views. In January you will definitely need microspikes for your feet and perhaps a hiking pole.

7 days ago

Good all season hike. More of a gravel road than a trail but it was nice to not see anyone else on the trail today. At about 4 miles (just before the end), there is a creek crossing with a log bridge. It was icey so I didn’t cross. The creek is about ankle deep but I didn’t bring anything to keep my feet from getting wet. It about 15-20 degrees out so I decided to turn around.

I was told the field stone walls you will see are from an old homestead. I was told they served as property boundaries. There are remnants of the house close by.

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