We left from the Old Mac trail head parking lot at 1:00 pm and made it to the Tubs Spring campsite around 3:30 pm. We were suppose to stay at the Panther Gap Rockhouse campsite but it was way to muddy. Tub Springs camp is very nice especially with the actual spring being so close, maybe 100 yards. From there it's an easy mile hike to and from the watch tower. We left Tubs Springs in the morning around 10:00 am and made it back by 11:30. We took the North Old Mac trail home which was easy being mostly down hill the entire way.

Either trail you take in (South Old Mac or North Old Mac) its going to be a difficult hike its up hill the entire way. But you are rewarded on the hike back with a gradual down hill for miles. I highly recommend this trail for a fun and short backpacking trip or a long day hike just make sure to bring the water. The water sources were drying up along the trail you so you can only fill up at the begging or end at Tubs Spring.