Overall nice little trail/lake with the main path from the parking area leading to some lake access points. Walked around the loop trail with my dog which provided some enjoyable elevation/views of the lake with occasional side trails leading to mainly trashed campsites. The more secluded the trail, the sketchier the surroundings get. Was totally fine for a duder and his dog at 2 in afternoon but probably wouldn't recommend for solo explorers or at night.

trail running
2 months ago

Nice track with great views!

We were traveling through Knoxville and needed to get out and stretch our legs for a bit. This was a great walk down to the quarry.

Loved the walk. Not a hard trail. Had some beautiful views. I would definitely go back.

Great for kids. A little sketchy. I would hesitate to have my wife go alone or with kids. Good outing and great view.

The trails are great for walking or hiking. The quarry is amazing. The day I went no one else was there, so it made the day even better. My only complaint would be the trash left throughout the trails by homeless people that seem to live within the woods and the trash left by irresponsible people partying near the quarry. The city should definitely invest some funds into doing something about the problem.

mountain biking
6 months ago

This is a short easy hike or ride for all skill levels gravel all the way, be cautious with children as there is high cliffs that they could fall off !!! There is some side trails I have yet to explore?