Short Trail, nothing to see. Good walk in the park if youre bored. Very average

Great trail. AMAZING wild flower variety. A lot of rocks and some muddy places at the beginning. Best hiking in murfreesboro in my opinion.

Found the trail to be uninteresting with lots of trash along the route. I personally won't be returning.

ok trail but would be better in late fall through early spring because i disnt like walking through the high grass.

In late summer this Glade trail seems to the casual hiker to not have much beauty. However in April I can imagine the beautiful Breadroot and Glade Phlox blooming. There is much beauty here if you know the flora especially the Purple Cone flowers that had bloomed earlier. I'm so thankful that Tennessee has chosen to preserve this habitat that is rapidly disappearing due to development.
The reason I didn't give a 5 star rating was that the trail was poorly marked. We meant do do the 1.5 mile loop but never saw the "white" markers, we were always wondering if we were headed back to the trailhead. It would have been helpful to add "mile markers".
I'm definitely coming back next April.

Honestly this is the worst trail I've been on. It was not well marked. At one point we ended up in the woods. On the far part of the trail it smelled like garbage. We were the only one out there. There is a lot of water and mud to walk through. So bring water shoes if you choose this trail.

Well marked and maintained. This was perfect for our second trail run of the day. Small parking area. Beautiful flowers along the trail.

If you area looking for an easy trail to run, this one is perfect. You can add a partial loop to make a great 5+ mile run.

Beautiful flowers in May. Bring extra water, as the trail is often in sunlight. Use plenty of bug spray, as this trail has more buzzing insects than others we've walked. Trail is not always clearly marked, so make sure to bring the app with you for the map.

Had to come out here for several Biology courses at MTSU, still enjoy coming back to hike.

I hike here very often and almost always have it to myself. Love it

Trail at one point was not well marked. So with knowledge of the area due to recoding my walk was able to see what I was not on the trail. So had to bush wack to rejoin the actual trail and was no other issues with this excellent trail.

We enjoyed the hike and the weather was perfect. We were the only ones there today and it was nice. As others have noted the trail markings are not the best, but it is manageable. Appears the area was once a farm or some kind of area with a few house as you can see the remnants of barns, appliances, etc. in the area. If you don't have a lot of time and need to get a quick hike in this would be worthwhile.

I would agree with all previous comments. It's an easy trail, but be prepared to get a little wet and muddy after a rain. It's close and will probably go back for more adventures, and even find new trails!!

The good: it close, it's has a very open and clear feel, the vegetation is pretty
The not so good: trails are not marked all that well...but it makes for an adventure through the wilderness
Synopsis: Definitely will be adding it to my list of regular hiking spots

A sketchy sinkhole trail- only redeeming quality was the vegetation. Both of these previous descriptions are pretty accurate: "an ill maintained trail thru dumping grounds using creekbeds for trails. About as appealing as a walk thru the county dump" "The area in which the hike is located is a little disconcerting. The kind of place where you don't want to be there after dark. On the trail we encountered a LOT of dumping grounds of old washers, ovens, rusty this and that, old tires and just major trash in general"

Unless you wear GTX hiking boots/shoes avoid for 48/72 hours after a rain event. Purple trail blazes became blue and then non-existent. Some trail signs no longer erect. Not very scenic but good for burning some calories.

Nice trail, not much to look at. Pretty much had the trail to ourselves except one. Would hike again but just because it's close to house.

Very flat, not very water.

Trail use is light and can be hard to stay on course. Not much to see but it was an easy hike. One and done for me on this trail.

only giving two stars because we got lost for about an hour. landmarks need to be updated so people don't get lost. other than that, it's a really great trail and a beautiful place to hike.

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