There's a lot to do and see at Edgar Evins State Park! Enjoy a picnic lunch at one of our shaded picnic areas, come for a visit during one of our annual events, hike some of the parks approximately 11 miles of trails, fish beautiful Center Hill Lake or go for a swim. Interpretative programs for all ages are scheduled during the summer months. Subjects range from local history to flora and fauna. Special programs are also provided upon request.

Excellent trail in winter months but very muddy in areas. Beautiful views of the lake for much of the trail. You can hike down to the water in places though the trail does not lead to the water. multiple climbs. can be strenuous at times..just take a break. very beautiful and worth it. great park. friendly staff .

Good trail! I went in the winter months so there wasn’t much vegetation. It has been raining a lot so the trail was very muddy but doable. There were some fallen trees on the trail which I thought added to the experience and were several places with good views, especially when you do the Merritt Ridge trail (you basically scale a mountain.) I did this with my pup and we were able to do it in about 3 hours but we ran probably a mile of it so wouldn’t go in the afternoon, just in case you need some breaks. There’s a hunting area on the trail but I didn’t see anyone out there. Actually quite peaceful and it looked like it had been several days since the last person hiked it.

Good trail with nice views!

Finally got back around to this place. Last time, it was spider city. Coming back in winter was a good call.

The first mile or so of the Millennium Loop will leave you thinking this trail was rated wrong. Then you get to Merritt Ridge.

I won't say this is the most brutal trail I've been on, but I will say that there were times when I had to stop and catch my breath. It was freezing, and the views were all the better for the lack of leaves. Worth the long drive for me. One less hard rated trail on my list.

One of my favorites, although you may encounter a lot of spiders

Very pretty trail with some lake views in brief sections. We hiked this trail in early September and it was poorly maintained on the loop. At times we lost the trail or had to climb through thick brush and over fallen logs that hadn't been cleared. Also, spider phobics beware- we carried sticks in front of our face during the loop section after getting hit in the face with countless spiderwebs. Overall an adventurous hike but maybe better during the spring and summer months when there is more activity and trail maintenance.

Good trail , Short but good elevation gains but not too much that it is difficult. Wished it was longer.

Tough 8 miles with some good coaster-age. 4 stars for lack of real views.

Went in August. Spiderwebs everywhere. Only made it .7 in before I decided against purchasing the whole silk shirt. Getting 3 star for being average for TN from what I was able to see before I backed out. Will re-visit review in winter, and reassess.

Very neat trail, runs along the creek and the lake. However it is not .6 miles or easy. It is 2 miles and is rated moderate to difficult by the park. It was very technical with lots of steep climbs, and even crossing a creek. It is very pretty, just not what we expected.

Great run; highly recommended. Veritable roller coaster. Definitely "lightly trafficked" with somewhat overgrown trails in parts, but they lead to amazing ridgetop lines and lake overlooks.

An excellent all-around hike. Great terrain variety, almost everything you can imagine on one hike except waterfalls. (The midpoint of the Merritt Ridge loop drops you to a surprisingly remote spot on the lake.)

can get strenuous going up two large hills besides that pretty nice

2nd most difficult trail ive done besides Bear Waller Gap. lots of hills. 8.3 mi total. again lots of hills. found a total of 6 ticks on me. Doesn't go to water!! Waves to rocky on the hill near the end. the lake next to it is gorgeous though!!!! perfect for dogs and swimming. just needs to go to water for more stars. or be by it. not just. a small creek or a cliff BY the lake.

4/15/17 Walked Millennium loop trail: 2.5 mile loop. Pleasant walk, enough uphill to get a good workout. Loops around a long hollow with two old home sites. ( just fireplace ruins and steps left) Numerous wildflowers. Trail in great condition. Good walk if you only have an hour or so and need a workout.

Really enjoyed the trail. Sparsely populated enough to let the dog run. Lots of challenging climbs but well maintained trails. No breathtaking views, but a couple nice places along the way to stop for a lunch break. Probably a little tough for little kids, but a fun workout otherwise.

Nice trail, not as many views as I would have liked. Lots of spiderwebs

Doing the whole trail including Merritt Ridge is well worth it. The views of the lake are gorgeous, with places to access the lake, great picnic spots on large rocks along lakeshore. Plenty of wildflowers. Great workout.

The Millienium loop is great for the difficulty. It would be a fun trail to take young people. The old homestead area is interesting. I went in early March and the valley had a lot of green - surprisingly. The connector trail is a good climb. The views from the top are great and the trail is nice. You walk along the ridge of a hill. The Merrit Ridge Loop was up and down and up and down and I don't think it is worth the difficulty. The views weren't great and there wasn't very much interesting to see or do. It is fine to do once, but I will not be re-doing this portion of the loop. 2 Stars for Merrit Ridge Loop. 4 Stars for Millenium+Connector.

My AllTrails app read 8.1 miles.

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