1 month ago

Great day hike on Father’s Day! Hiked with our 8, 10 and 12 year old. There is a place to rent canoes on the road in. We may try that another time. Takes about 1.5 hour and we explored the cave.

This does not go down to the river, but there is a little overlook. The trail is only well-maintained for the first half mile.

Easy hike with nice river lookouts. Found the cave, it took a while.But you'll find it if you look to the other side from the river.

I wish there was easy river access, but the caves are amazing. There are a few where a head lamp would be helpful. On the way in there are a series of small waterfalls that are nice to cool off in, but the river is down a steep embankment.

We had a great time on this trail. we actually did find the cave. You can see the river but do not get close enough to get in. We had teenagers with us and even they were in love with it.

A nice moderate hike with scenic views and gorgeous butterflies, including the tiny green Juniper Hairstreak.

The trail finally dried up, and the wildflowers were everywhere. Didn’t find a cave weren’t looking real hard though. I would do this hike again. Very little traffic this time of year.

Easy trail which was more trafficked than expected. Found the cave but only because a couple gave directions. Lots of wildflowers this time of year. Saw a 7 year old rattlesnake sunning on the cliffs as well.

We had a blast on this trail!!! At first we were afraid we would not find the cave but our group was successful and the payoff was amazing! Our kids ranged from 2years to 10years and we all went into the cave to see the overlook on the bluffs!

Great trail and super easy. The cave is hard to find (if you take the end loop to the right, it will be on your left just before you rejoin the trail back). You can also find it by walking along the shore.

It was wet while we were there so I can’t really give a good one but it was enjoyable

Such a cool hike! The cave is not well marked; but once you find it, make sure to go though! It’s a short cave and pretty cool inside. Also, on the other side of the cave is a beautiful overlook.

Great easy trail for young kids! Caves are very easy to miss, but so glad we found them! They definitely made this trail worth it.

Great family friendly hike! The cave is not marked but awesome to come up on.

Loved it!

great trail. lots of neat things to see

Nice easy hike.

Went with my five year old and it was good for an interesting hike in the woods. Lots of plant life to spot, overlooks, a cave made it fun for him. Ended up meeting a lot more people on the trail than I would've expected. We got a little confused on the end of the loop by the edge, could've used an extra trail marker there, but otherwise very well marked.

just an ok short day hike with a few good views of the duck river! trail head was not advertised so it was harder to locate....

We did not finish this trail since it was not baby stroller friendly. Baby stroller on this trail was a BIG MISTAKE. It was hilly, bumpy, with big rocks to walk over... We ran into another couple with a baby stroller who were struggling as well. It was a pretty trail, though. We might go back when our child is older and can walk it himself.

Overall very good trail and relatively well marked. Definitely rocky..so bring your walking stick, esp if it's rained recently as it isn't super steep but it is very slippery in spots. Also..agree with reviews on the caves...never saw any! Wish they were marked.

10 months ago

A wonderful family trail for a couple of hours. But I have a request and I'm sure I speak for many other hikers:
Please, Dog Owners, PLEASE leash your dogs...per the rules and just to be respectful and considerate of others. This isn't your own personal property. I understand your dog may be "sweet, won't bite, love children"...etc...but it's NOT fun to have to pick up my own leashed dog or my children because your oh-so-friendly dog is chasing my kids, snipping at my dog or otherwise a trip hazard because it's running around unleashed.

It's a nice walk. Not hard at all. A good little escape into the woods if your close!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Would have better views from the bluff early spring, late fall/winter.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Great caves! There are 4 different caves and you'll need a rope to fully explore them but they are loads of fun!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

I really enjoyed this awesome little trail! I highly recommend it!

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Loved the cave. Only issue was we would have walked past the cave if not for another family ahead of us. Need to clearly mark where the cave is.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Caves are awesome, kinda out of the way but overall a great experience

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Great hike! Clean trail!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Love this place! Found all three caves this time!

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