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Walk in the woods. Nothing adventurous, overly pretty, or difficult

1 month ago

we ran into a Lot of ticks on this trail. It is a decent day hike. Not much scenery.

We should have foreseen this since it’s called “Devil’s Backbone” - but the the trail was full of spider webs and chiggers. We stayed on the loop trail with our dogs too but they got covered in ticks even while on monthly preventatives. I myself had on bug spray, long pants with big socks and boots yet they still managed to bite me over 100 times, & I’m covered in rashes from shoulders down. We should have known after having to clear webs that it was not a good time. I’m sure the trail is nicer in the winter - the stream and rocks were beautiful at least, but the forest was very dry and lifeless, no birds or anything. My friends and I now call this place “Devil’s Butthole” bc we literally felt like we walked through it! I am NOT itching to go back there ever again.

Great trail until the bottom....there is a large tree that has recently fallen making the trail nearly impassable. Needs to be attended to.

7 months ago

good excess

Sat Nov 24 2018

Nice layed out trail, but just a simple walk in the woods.

Good trail anytime except when it’s hot outside. If you take this trail during the summer months, bring bug spray suitable for the construction of another Panama Canal

Wed Nov 07 2018

Good walk in the woods. Probably just missed the best fall colors. Well marked with good parking at the trailhead.

This is a beauty in the fall.

Good hiking trail. But we were expecting a waterfall and that was a disappointment. The closest to it was a running creek and water fell over the rocks but it was a far stretch to call that a waterfall. Maybe it was just the time of year??? We did enjoy the trails tho. Fun and pretty!

This trail is a nice walk in the woods. The trail fallows a ridge for a while then drops down to a small stream and back up to the ridge. The trail is marked fairly well.

Sun Jan 07 2018

Pretty views and a partially frozen creek. No waterfall to be found but good time hiking through the woods.

Sun Oct 29 2017

Great trail for running or just a quite hike.

Mon Oct 09 2017

There were no waterfalls. It was a pretty walk through the woods but we didn't see any wildlife so...it was just ok. Peaceful outing with my hiking buddy but not anything special.

I wouldnt it had waterfall but nice hike

Sun Jul 09 2017

We hiked this trail today about .6 miles in or so and stopped to give the dogs water. Heavy foliage and tree cover that seemed VERY heavy with bugs throughout. After looking down at my leg I noticed 50-60 really small seed ticks that took us back and almost 30 minutes to remove. Our dogs also had them on them too, not to mention the spider webs in my face roughly every 12 feet on the trail. I thought it was okay but maybe better at a different time of year.

Was a pretty rough hike trail gets narrow at times and a lot of downed trees on the path. Not much scenery just woods and a small stream of water.

Very little shade in the winter. The creek area was nice (definitely not a waterfall) but the hike back up was brutal in the sun.

Fri Mar 17 2017

First the bad: there are no waterfalls. There are a couple of slight elevation changes in a small stream, but that's it. There were no views, just woods. The good: the trail was easy. The path was wide and clean and well marked even though it wasn't necessary. The elevation changes were not steep and very manageable. There were a few down trees, but nothing I couldn't just step over. Advice: the creek at the bottom is closer if you go right at the fork. We went left and therefore did the majority of the hike before the little creek, so it was a good resting spot.

Mon Mar 13 2017

Short and easy primitive trail just off the Natchez Trace Parkway. Wooded with limited views. Basically a hike in the woods with a couple creeks. Because of some old logging roads that cut thru the area, you can accidentally get off-track. Keep a look-out for trail markings.

Pretty great trail! Lots of hills ! Freshwater when you finally get to the bottom!!

Mon Feb 27 2017

It was nice, there is a fresh spring about midway you can hydrate with

Nice trail right off Natchez Trace not far from Fall Hollow Falls. Actually helped build this trail several years ago.

Nice day hike. And even the dog liked it.

Sun Nov 06 2016

Awesome hike with lots of scenery!!

Mon Oct 10 2016

Took the family it was a great hike. A little heavy on the bug in the summer.

Mon Jul 11 2016

Nice short hike with some decent inclines. A couple of cool little waterfalls at the bottom. A really sweet yellow and black millipede walking along the trail. Not a lot of frills, just a good clean and primitive hike.

Rocky, thorn pants lining the trail. We found ticks on ourselves and our dogs after the trip. Won't be visiting this one again. Great for someone who just wants to look at nature and isn't bothered by the negatives. No waterfall on the trail. You have to go to the falls overlook, different entry point

Sat Jun 04 2016

Beautiful trail, but was expecting to see a waterfall. There was a tumbling creek halfway that was very serene

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